From Data to Decision with Big Data and Predictive Analytics培训




Course Code


期间 期间

21 小时 同常来说包括休息是 3天

最低要求 最低要求

Understanding of traditional data management and analysis methods like SQL, data warehouses, business intelligence, OLAP, etc... Understanding of basic statistics and probability (mean, variance, probability, conditional probability, etc....)

概览 概览


If you try to make sense out of the data you have access to or want to analyse unstructured data available on the net (like Twitter, Linked in, etc...) this course is for you.

It is mostly aimed at decision makers and people who need to choose what data is worth collecting and what is worth analyzing.

It is not aimed at people configuring the solution, those people will benefit from the big picture though.

Delivery Mode

During the course delegates will be presented with working examples of mostly open source technologies.

Short lectures will be followed by presentation and simple exercises by the participants

Content and Software used

All software used is updated each time the course is run so we check the newest versions possible.

It covers the process from obtaining, formatting, processing and analysing the data, to explain how to automate decision making process with machine learning.

课程大纲 课程大纲

Quick Overview

  • Data Sources
  • Minding Data
  • Recommender systems
  • Target Marketing


  • Structured vs unstructured
  • Static vs streamed
  • Attitudinal, behavioural and demographic data
  • Data-driven vs user-driven analytics
  • data validity
  • Volume, velocity and variety of data


  • Building models
  • Statistical Models
  • Machine learning

Data Classification

  • Clustering
  • kGroups, k-means, nearest neighbours
  • Ant colonies, birds flocking

Predictive Models

  • Decision trees
  • Support vector machine
  • Naive Bayes classification
  • Neural networks
  • Markov Model
  • Regression
  • Ensemble methods


  • Benefit/Cost ratio
  • Cost of software
  • Cost of development
  • Potential benefits

Building Models

  • Data Preparation (MapReduce)
  • Data cleansing
  • Choosing methods
  • Developing model
  • Testing Model
  • Model evaluation
  • Model deployment and integration

Overview of Open Source and commercial software

  • Selection of R-project package
  • Python libraries
  • Hadoop and Mahout
  • Selected Apache projects related to Big Data and Analytics
  • Selected commercial solution
  • Integration with existing software and data sources

Guaranteed to run even with a single delegate!
公开课 公开课
从 ¥54050
私人定制课程 私人定制课程
从 ¥54050
私人远程定制课程 私人远程定制课程
从 ¥51650
自学课程 自学课程

The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

Number of Delegates 公开课 私人定制课程 私人远程定制课程
1 ¥54050 ¥54050 ¥51650
2 ¥38100 ¥37950 ¥36750
3 ¥32783 ¥32583 ¥31783
4 ¥30125 ¥29900 ¥29300



课程 地址 日期 价格【远程/传统课堂】
Business Process Modelling in BPMN 2.0 深圳新世界中心 星期一, 2016-06-06 09:30 ¥25740 / ¥32910
Model MapReduce and Apache Hadoop 北京东直门银座 星期三, 2016-06-22 09:30 ¥17998 / ¥19998
Drupal Theming 北京东直门银座 星期四, 2016-12-29 18:00 ¥9385 / ¥10385

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