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84632 Designing Inteligent User Interface with HTML5, JavaScript and Rule Engines 21小时 Coding interfaces which allow users to get what they want easily is hard. This course guides you how to create effective UI with newest technologies and libraries. It introduces idea of coding logic in Rule Engines (mostly Nools and PHP Rules) to make it easier to modify and test. After that the courses shows a way of integrating the logic on the front end of the website using JavaScript. Logic coded this way can be reused on the backend. Writing your rules Available rule engines Stating rules in a declarative manner Extending rules Create unit tests for the rules Available test frameworks Running tests automatically Creating GUI for the rules Available frameworks GUI design principles Integrating logic with the GUI Running rules in the browser Ajax Decision tables Create functional tests for the GUI Available frameworks Testing against multiple browsers
73735 Introduction to Nools 7小时 Flows Defining A Flow Sessions Facts Assert Retract Modify Retrieving Facts Firing Disposing Removing A Flow Removing All Flows Checking If A Flow Exists Agenda Group Focus Auto Focus Conflict Resolution Defining Rules Structure Salience Scope Constraints Not Or From Exists Actions Async Actions Globals Import Browser Support


课程 地址 日期 价格【远程/传统课堂】
Introduction to Drools 6 北京东直门银座 星期三, 2016-08-24 09:30 ¥17000 / ¥19400
Drupal Theming 北京东直门银座 星期四, 2016-12-29 18:00 ¥9385 / ¥10385


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