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84623 RabbitMQ 14小时 The course is intended for IT specialists that want to setup a solution based on RabbitMQ, the highly reliable enterprise messaging system that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP).1. Introduction to RabbitMQ Setting up the required folders Downloading and installing RabbitMQ 2. Understanding messaging The role of a consumer The role of a producer Bindings consumers and producers Messages and durability How to verify delivery 3. Administering RabbitMQ Starting and stopping nodes RabbitMQ configuration files How to manage privileges Viewing statistics and analyzing logs Sending alerts How to setup parallel processing 4. High availability with cluster Architecture of a cluster Queues in a cluster Setting up a test cluster Distributing the nodes to more machines How to preserve messages: mirrored queues 5. A programmer perspective Writing robust code Installing and configuring HAProxy Failing clients between servers 6. Implementing failover and replication Setting up a load balancer-based master/slave Installing the Shovel plugin Configuring and running Shovel 7. Web tools to administer RabbitMQ The RabbitMQ Management plugin Managing RabbitMQ from the web console Administering users from the web console Managing queue from the web console Using the command line interface 8. RabbitMQ and the REST API REST API features Accessing statistics vhost and user provisioning 9. Monitoring and securing RabbitMQ Message durability and Message acknowledgement Memory usage and process limits Setting up SSL


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Drupal Theming BeiJing DongZhiMen YinZuo (Ginza) 星期四, 2016-12-29 18:00 ¥9385 / ¥10385


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