Apache SystemML培训

Apache SystemML培训

Apache SystemML 是用 Java 编写得又灵活又可伸缩的机器学习 (ML) 语言。

Apache SystemML大纲

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systemml Apache SystemML for Machine Learning 14小时 Apache SystemML is a distributed and declarative machine learning platform. SystemML provides declarative large-scale machine learning (ML) that aims at flexible specification of ML algorithms and automatic generation of hybrid runtime plans ranging from single node, in-memory computations, to distributed computations on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Audience This course is suitable for Machine Learning researchers, developers and engineers seeking to utilize SystemML as a framework for machine learning. Running SystemML Standalone Spark MLContext Spark Batch Hadoop Batch JMLC Tools Debugger IDE Troubleshooting Languages and ML Algorithms DML PyDML Algorithms


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