品牌管理 (Brand Management)



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b2bbrandman B2B Brand Management 7小时 A lot of courses deal with Brand Management but only few of them focuses on Business to Business branding. This course focuses on B2B branding which is substantially different from B2C brand management.
netmrk Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel For Businesses 14小时 Why Focus On Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel [for Promotion & Consumption of your products and/or services]? Your company may have a superior product in terms of Brand Recognition, Pricing & Usability however - without giving adequate attention to the path that the product takes before it end up in the hands of the end user; your organization can quickly find itself losing significant market share. The internet is becoming increasingly involved in the purchasing decisions of the end user. The internet can be both a strategic Promotion as well as Consumption channel. The challenge however is for organizations to incorporate the internet into the corporate plans from a strategic perspective. Benefits of attending this comprehensive course will include : Learning practical tips how to stabilize existing client bases, acquire new customers and ultimately drive revenues Getting simply stated, armed with the practical, down to earth, tried and tested information Enabling the organizations to modify and extend their strategies & Tactics as appropriate in order to separate themselves from the competition Why should you attend? The overall effective use of the internet as a channel to market works in conjunction with the existing components of the Business strategy, such as Branding, Pricing, the USP & specific target Market segments in order to ultimately sell more to existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. As the focus of this program extends far beyond the standard practice of a company having a website and employing an agency to run Pay Per click campaigns all those involved with the Sales, Marketing and Support functions of the organisation will gain from exposing themselves to the content of the seminar.
yourbb Understanding Your Brand and Your Business 21小时 Audience This course is designed for all staff requiring a wider view of their part of the business; their specific roles within it; and of their involvement in improving its contribution to the organisation as a whole Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Exercises By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to: Explain what “brand” is and how they can influence it Understand the process for Change strategies and your company’s position within them Detail the relevant principles underlying any change to a business Realise the importance of Customer / Stakeholder relationships in the successful running of any business Define the financial aspects of a business and of the delegates’ part of that business Determine the important aspects of negotiating to ensure the best possible outcome for their part of the business
busicn Starting Business in China 21小时 This course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who want start a business in People's Republic of China. It focuses on professional services industry (consulting, hi-tech, etc...), though people working in other industries can also benefit from the course. Th motivation to create this course was that there are a lot of courses focusing on culture or pure legal aspect of doing business in China, there was no course which would comprehensively cover all aspects of the business. This course does not provide any legal advise. It is provided by people who started their own business in China, not lawyers.


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无论是由战略经理考虑如何分配投资,还是由业务开发人员评估进入新市场的潜力,战略思维都是一门可以学习,实践和完善的技能。 由于该计划的重点远远超出了拥有网站的公司的标准做法,并且采用了代理机构来执行“按点击付费”广告系列,与组织的销售,营销和支持功能相关的所有参与者都将从自己的内容中获益的研讨会。 参与者有机会学习新的思维方式,实施关键概念解决问题,反思这些原则如何适用于自己的工作,并听取和分享自己的观点,他们的教练和同学。 概述这个为期5天的课程将帮助代表们发展他们的战略思维,规划和管理技能,包括在银行环境中成功实施的战术和操作要求。 课程目标:本课程结束后,您将能够:提高现有的客户服务技能并开发新技术以改善客户体验了解自己对客户的影响并确定改进方法了解“可爱组织并应用它们利用“工具包”可以建立客户关系衡量CRM对于业务成功的重要性确定CRM如何有效地提高业务绩效学习成果在本课程的最后,您将会:制定行动计划回报您的工作,使您能够立即应用您的学习,并提高您在管理客户关系方面的表现评估您对客户的影响,并找出改进方法有一个“工具包”,可以帮助建立有效的客户关系,客户将您视为战略合作伙伴能够识别CRM如何有效将会改善业务表现通过这个为期三天的研讨会,21个小时,与会者将学习如何更有效地管理项目,确保项目按时间和预算在范围说明书内交付。