Fundamentals of Devops for Java Enterprise Edition Projects培训




21 小时 通常来说是3天,包括中间休息。


Participants should be familiar with typical challenges when delivering software created using technologies based on Java Platform.


本培训课程介绍了DevOps的核心概念和原则,以及在组织中展示DevOps实践的方法。它专门针对Java平台上的项目。完成本培训课程后,学生将对DevOps的价值主张有基本的了解;他们还将获得使用精选DevOps工具的实践经验,包括PuppetJenkins ,Git等。该培训课程由动手实验室补充,帮助与会者加强他们对所学材料的理论知识。


  • DevOps实践和工具
  • Puppet
  • 云计算技术介绍
  • Jenkins

Machine Translated


1. Introduction

  • Establish Goals and Current State
  • The Goal of DevOps

2. What Is DevOps?

  • Background and History
  • Symptoms and Problems in Today's Environment
  • The IT Core Chronic Conflict
  • DevOps Roles
  • DevOps Defined
  • Core Concepts

3. Ball Point Game

4. Why Do DevOps?

  • Driving Factors
  • Amazon's Process: A Case Study
  • State of DevOps Report
  • Manufacturing and DevOps

5. DevOps at Microsoft – a Case Study

  • Dark Launches
  • Feature Flags
  • Agile to DevOps
  • Branching
  • Teams
  • Live Site Culture

6. How Does DevOps Work

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Kanban End-to-End

7. Culture and DevOps

  • People and Trust
  • Resilience
  • Engagement is Key
  • Change the Metrics!
  • Law of Motivation
  • Keys to Successful DevOps Culture

9. Tool Time

  • Build Automation
  • Test Automation
  • Deployment Automation
    • Git
  • Environment Provisioning
  • Automated Feedback and Monitoring

10. DevOps Assessment

12. Summary and Next Steps

In-Class Exercises:

  • Individual and Team Goals – Identifying current issues and goals
  • The Ball Point Game – Creative team game to learn about process optimization
  • The Penny Game – see how Kanban and batch sizes affect delivery
  • DISC Assessment – personality / culture exercise
  • DevOps Assessment – Where Are We?









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