28 小时 通常来说是4天,包括中间休息。


  • Basic knowledge in database systems and SQL
  • Programming experience with Java, C, PHP, or Python





  • 了解MonetDB及其功能
  • 安装并开始使用MonetDB
  • 在MonetDB中探索并执行不同的功能和任务
  • 通过最大化MonetDB功能来加速项目的交付


  • 开发商
  • 技术专家


  • 部分讲座,部分讨论,练习和繁重的实践练习

Machine Translated



Overview of MonetDB

  • About MonetDB
  • MonetDB Features

Installing MonetDB

Getting Started with MonetDB

  • Learning the MonetDB SQL Reference Manual
    • Understanding the Lexical Structure
    • Exploring Data Types
    • Implementing Data Definitions
    • Performing Data Manipulation
    • Programming SQL
    • Executing Transactions
    • Exploring Runtime Features
    • Understanding Language Bindings
  • Running through the MonetDB SQL System Catalog
    • Schema, Table and Columns
    • Functions, Arguments, Types
    • Objects, Keys, Indices, Sequences
    • Triggers, Dependencies
    • Users, Roles, Privileges, Sessions
    • QueryLog Catalog, Calls, History, Queue
    • Optimizer Pipelines
    • Environment Variables

Setting Up a MonetDB Database

  • Creating a Database Using the MonetDB Daemon
  • Starting and Stopping a Database Using the MonetDB Daemon
  • Loading and Querying Data
  • Performing Basic Configurations on a MonetDB Server

Interacting with a MonetDB Server

  • Setting Up a Connection in SQuirrel SQL to a MonetDB Server
  • Creating Database Schema
  • Loading Database Data
  • Browsing the Database
  • Executing Analytical Queries
  • Executing Updating Queries
  • Backing Up and Restoring a Database

Using MonetDB from within an Application

  • Setting Up a Connection to a MonetDB Server in Java
  • Setting Up a Connection to a MonetDB Server in Python
  • Setting Up a Connection to a MonetDB Server in PHP
  • Using JDBC to Access the Database
  • Using ODBC to Access the Database
  • Understanding Optimistic Transaction Management

Using Client Interfaces in MonetDB

Implementing User-Defined Functions in MonetDB

Performing Cluster Management in MonetDB

Partitioning the Data in MonetDB

Performing Distributed Query Processing in MonetDB through Remote Tables

Sampling a Database in MonetDB

Migrating a Database in MonetDB

Inserting Bulk Data into an SQL Table in MonetDB

Exporting Bulk Data in MonetDB

Working with MonetDB/SQL Optimizer Pipelines

Timing Query Execution in MonetDB

Obtaining the Storage Footprint of a Database Schema in MonetDB

Monitoring the System in MonetDB

Working with Table Statistics in MonetDB

Using MonetDB's Date and Time Functionalities

Performing Transaction Replication in MonetDB

Using Lazy Logical Replication in MonetDB

Summary and Conclusion









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