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itasaltstack IT Automation with Saltstack 14小时 Saltstack (Salt for short) is open source software developed to automate the configuration of server systems. During this course you will learn how to centrally administer and manage multiple server environments. The course will be a good mixture of presentations, examples and lab exercises so that you can immediately apply what you have learnt.
ansiblecm Managing Configuration with Ansible 21小时 This course has been created to system administrators who want to automate system and application configuration management with Ansible. This course focuses mostly on Linux/Unix servers.
ansibleautointro Introduction to Ansible Automation 7小时 Ansible solves the problem: "We've got the server configuration we want, we've put in the time figuring it out; now how to we automate all that?"
chefcm Chef Configuration Management 14小时
vagrant Vagrant: Instantaneously create and manage a bunch of virtual machines 7小时 Vagrant is an open-source virtualization tool for automating the provisioning of virtual machines. By eliminating the manual process, Vagrant enables the instantaneous creation of an almost unlimited number of virtual machines. In this training participants will learn the core concepts of Vagrant, and how to implement Vagrant into a live work environment. Audience     Software Engineers, developers, and programmers     System administrator     DevOps, IT Operations, Development Support Format of the course     After a brief introduction to virtualization provisioning, participants carry out exercises to deploy Vagrant in a live environment.


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该课程将是演示,示例和实验练习的完美结合,以便您可以立即应用所学知识。 受众软件工程师,开发人员和程序员系统管理员DevOps,IT运营,开发支持课程形式简要介绍虚拟化配置之后,参与者将在现场环境中进行Vagrant部署练习。 Vagrant是一款用于自动配置虚拟机的开源虚拟化工具。 完成后,您将能够在主客户端环境中部署Puppet的基本系统配置。 课程交付时间超过3天,涉及演讲和练习的混合。