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vagrant Vagrant: Instantaneously create and manage a bunch of virtual machines 7小时 Vagrant is an open-source virtualization tool for automating the provisioning of virtual machines. By eliminating the manual process, Vagrant enables the instantaneous creation of an almost unlimited number of virtual machines. In this training participants will learn the core concepts of Vagrant, and how to implement Vagrant into a live work environment. Audience     Software Engineers, developers, and programmers     System administrator     DevOps, IT Operations, Development Support Format of the course     After a brief introduction to virtualization provisioning, participants carry out exercises to deploy Vagrant in a live environment. Introduction Vagrant virtualised development environments Installing and configuring Vagrant Setting up your first Vagrant machine Working with the Vagrantfile Automated provisioning with Chef and Puppet Versioning your environments Networking with Vagrant Controlling multiple machines with Vagrant Creating and maintaining boxes with Vagrant Extending Vagrant with plug-ins Vagrant environmental variables Troubleshooting and debugging Closing remarks


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