Executive Overview培训

Executive Overview培训

Decision Makers, managers and executives must understand technical people to make decisions.
Courses in this category focus on understanding methodologies, technologies and apply sciences for the sole purpose of decision making.

Executive Overview大纲

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statdm Statistical Thinking for Decision Makers 7小时 This course has been created for decision makers whose primary goal is not to do the calculation and the analysis, but to understand them and be able to choose what kind of statistical methods are relevant in strategic planning of the organization. For example, a prospect participant needs to make decision how many samples needs to be collected before they can make the decision whether the product is going to be launched or not. If you need longer course which covers the very basics of statistical thinking have a look at 5 day "Statistics for Managers" training.
d2dbdpa From Data to Decision with Big Data and Predictive Analytics 21小时 Audience If you try to make sense out of the data you have access to or want to analyse unstructured data available on the net (like Twitter, Linked in, etc...) this course is for you. It is mostly aimed at decision makers and people who need to choose what data is worth collecting and what is worth analyzing. It is not aimed at people configuring the solution, those people will benefit from the big picture though. Delivery Mode During the course delegates will be presented with working examples of mostly open source technologies. Short lectures will be followed by presentation and simple exercises by the participants Content and Software used All software used is updated each time the course is run so we check the newest versions possible. It covers the process from obtaining, formatting, processing and analysing the data, to explain how to automate decision making process with machine learning.
cloudsaasiaas Cloud, SaaS, IaaS - Practical Overview of Available Options 35小时 This course is created for people who face choices which solution to choose for a specific problem. IT Managers, Solution Architects, Test Managers, System Administrators and Developers can benefit from this course by understanding the benefits and costs of available Cloud/SaaS/Iaas solutions.


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简短的演讲将由参与者进行演示和简单的练习。 这门课程是为面临选择某个特定问题的解决方案的人创建的。 这不是针对配置解决方案的人,而是从大局出发。 读者如果您试图从您有权访问或想要分析网络上可用的非结构化数据的数据(如Twitter,Linked In等)中了解这些信息,则该课程适合您。 通过了解可用云/ SaaS / Iaas解决方案的优势和成本,IT经理,解决方案架构师,测试经理,系统管理员和开发人员可以从本课程中受益。