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existdb eXist-db Development and Performance 14小时 The objective is to enable attendees to quickly build applications inXQuery and make them ready for production use. Attendees will learn how to diagnose and resolve performance issues, properly define indexes for best performance, and how to optimise XQuery applications for concurrency. Application development in XQuery We will guide you through a number of concrete application examples to show you how to: Quickly prototype a web application in XQuery Choose an application structure Use the right tools for application development (eXide, oXygen, WebDAV) Use and write function libraries and extension modules Set up indexes, URL rewriting, external resources Package and deploy your application Performance and Optimisation Performance optimisation and making an application production ready: Understanding the basics of query execution and optimisation in eXist-db Characteristics of the different index types and their use Performance analysis, profiling Tuning indexes and database settings Optimising for concurrency You can contribute your own use cases for discussion or as an example which can can be worked through together during the day.
existdbint eXist-db Introduction 7小时 Suitable for those requiring an introduction to XML and XQuery with eXist-db and can also be as a pre-training course for the 2 day eXist-db Development and Performance course. Introduction to: XML XPath XQuery XSLT


课程日期价格【远程 / 传统课堂】
eXist-db Development and Performance - 苏州 - 晋合广场星期四, 2017-05-11 09:30¥18180 / ¥21380
eXist-db Introduction - 上海 - 上海中区广场星期四, 2017-05-11 09:30¥9730 / ¥12920
eXist-db Development and Performance - 厦门 - 国际银行大厦星期四, 2017-05-11 09:30¥18180 / ¥21380
eXist-db Development and Performance - 上海 - 六八八广场星期四, 2017-05-11 09:30¥18180 / ¥20180
eXist-db Introduction - Beijing Pacific Century Place星期一, 2017-05-22 09:30¥9730 / ¥12130


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