Information Security Risk培训

Information Security Risk培训

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crisc CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control 21小时 Description: This class is intended as intense and hard core exam preparation for ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CRISC) Examination. The five (5) domains of ISACA’s CRISC syllabus will be covered with a big focus on the Examination. The Official ISACA CIRSC Review Manual and Question, Answer and Explanation, (Q,A&E), supplements will ALSO be provided when attending. The Q,A&E is exceptional in helping delegates understand the ISACA style of questions, the type of answers ISACA are looking for and it helps rapid memory assimilation of the material. The technical skills and practices that ISACA promotes and evaluates within the CRISC certification are the building blocks of success in the field. Possessing the CRISC certification demonstrates your skill within the profession. With a growing demand for professionals holding risk and control expertise, ISACA’s CRISC has positioned itself to be the preferred certification program by individuals and enterprises around the world. The CRISC certification signifies commitment to serving an enterprise and the chosen profession with distinction. Objectives: To help you pass the CRISC examination first time possessing this certification will signify your commitment to serving an enterprise with distinction the growing demand for professionals with risk and control skills will allow holders of this certification to command better positions and salary You will learn: To help enterprises accomplish business objectives by designing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining risk-based, efficient and effective IS controls. The technical skills and practices that CRISC promotes, these are the building blocks of success in the field
pcirm PCIRM - Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management 35小时 Description: The Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCIRM) provides security practitioners with a comprehensive and highly practical course enabling them to develop a business focused information security and governance risk strategy. It closely follows the approaches recommended in the ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 standards. The five-day course prepares delegates to confidently sit the BCS/ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management examination. Target Audience: Information security and governance practitioners Internal IT auditors Staff from within compliance and operational risk functions IT managers and senior staff Project managers and others responsible for designing security in to information systems. Objectives: On completion of this course delegates will be able to: develop an information risk management strategy conduct threat vulnerability and likelihood assessments, business impact analyses and risk assessments explain how the management of information risk will bring about significant business benefits explain and make full use of information risk management terminology explain the principles of controls and risk treatment present results of the risk assessment in a format which will form the basis of a risk treatment plan explain and produce information classification schemes confidently sit the ISEB examination
pcbc PCBC - Practitioner Certificate in Business Continuity Management 35小时 Description: This is a 'Practitioner' course and leans heavily on practical exercises designed to reinforce the concepts being taught and to build the delegates confidence in implementing business continuity management. The course is also designed to encourage debate, and the sharing of knowledge and experience between students. Delegates will benefit from the practical and extensive experiences of ours trainers who are practicing business continuity management and ISO 22301:2012 specialists. Delegates will learn how to: Explain the need for business continuity management (BCM) in all organisations Define the business continuity lifecycle Conducting business continuity programme management Understand their organisation sufficiently to identify mission-critical impact areas Determine their organisation's business continuity strategy Establish a business continuity response Exercise, maintain and review plans Embed business continuity in an organisation Define terms and definitions appropriate to business continuity By the end of the course, delegates will have a detailed understanding of all the key components of business continuity management and be able to return to their work, making a significant contribution to the business continuity management process.


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当一个学生离开这个密集的5天的课程时,他们将有道德黑客的理解和经验。 为期五天的课程让学员自信地参加信息风险管理考试的BCS / ISEB执业证书。 目标:完成本课程后,代表们将能够:制定信息风险管理策略实施威胁漏洞和可能性评估,业务影响分析和风险评估,解释信息风险管理如何为企业带来重大利益解释和充分利用信息风险管理术语解释控制和风险处理的原则目前的风险评估结果的格式将形成一个风险处理计划的基础解释和产生的信息分类计划信心十足地坐在ISEB考试内容简介:本课程旨在为ISACA认证信息系统审核员(CRISC)考试做好准备和核心考试。 这门课将让学生沉浸在交互式的环境中,向学员展示如何扫描,测试,破解和保护自己的系统。 实验室密集的环境使每个学生对当前的基本安全系统有深入的了解和实践经验。