Mobile Development培训

Mobile Development培训

Mobile Programming covers the frameworks and techniques needed to develop mobile applications.

Mobile Development大纲

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mobdevdm Mobile Development - An Overview for Decision Makers 7小时 A tour of the technologies which can be used to efficiently target smartphones and tablets users. The pros and cons, the skills required, the business implications. Audience This course is intended for decision makers such as company directors, CTO’s, business analysts, project managers, software architects and all the ones who need to understand the implications of a technology choice before committing into one or another. After completing this course, participants will be able to: Identify the main actors on the mobile development arena Understand the major implication of a technology from the user point of view Understand in broad terms the skills required to develop and maintain each technology What does mobile application mean? An overview over the markets Native vs web vs hybrid application What are the options available today and the skills/resources needed for each What is the average cost of a mobile application What is the average length of a project A few sample scenarios of business implementations Questions and answers
xamarin Xamarin: Build native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows from a single C# code base 14小时 Xamarin is an open-source, C# based set of tools for writing Android, iOS and Windows apps with native user interfaces and a shared code base across all platforms.  It allows developers to use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere -- anything that can be done in Objective-C, Swift, or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin. Xamarin was bought by Microsoft in 2016 and is included with Visual Studio. In this training, participants learn key aspects of Xamarin as they take on the development of their own set of mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Audience     Mobile developers and programmers Format of the course     Overview of Xamarin's features and capabilities along with step-by-step development of a mobile application (for iOS, Android and Windows). Introduction Understanding the Xamarin architecture Xamarin developer tools Setting up your development environment Creating your first application Making your application interactive Model Classes and Event Handling Creating the UI Collections, Persistence, and MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) in Xamarin Data binding in Xamarin Using pages in Xamarin Architecting for multiple platforms Building your application Testing your application Debugging your application Optimizing the performance of your application Deploying your application to the iOS App Store Deploying your Android application
meteor Meteor: Use JavaScript to develop cross-platform mobile applications 14小时 Meteor (aka MeteorJS) is an open-source JavaScript web framework written in Node.js. It integrates with MongoDB and enables rapid prototyping of Android and iOS applications. This course introduces the fundamentals of Meteor and walks participants through the creation of a real-time web applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. Audience     Front-end developers     Anyone interested in learning Meteor Format of the course     Overview of Meteor's features and capabilities along with step-by-step development of a mobile application for iOS and Android. Introduction to Meteor JavaScript Installing Meteor Meteor architecture Overview of MongoDB Creating a Meteor application Meteor's project file structure Creating a Template and Collections Working with Forms and Events Sessions and Trackers in Meteor Working with the the Core API Working with HTTP, Email, Assets Creating a database in Meteor Building database collections Sorting the data in Meteor Building a user accounts system Creating packages in Meteor Deploying your application
selendroid Selendroid: Automated testing for Android 7小时 Selendroid is an open-source test automation framework for Android devices. It can be used to test native applications, hybrid applications and mobile websites running on real devices as well as emulators. Based on the Selenium Webdriver client API, it supports full integration with existing Selenium frameworks. Selendroid supports hot plugging of hardware devices and can be integrated as a node in Selenium Grid for large-scale parallel testing. It is compatible with the JSON Wire Protocol. This training introduces the Selenium framework and walks participants through the setup, configuration and execution of automation tests in a live hands-on test environment. After the course, participants will have the knowledge and practice to carry out their own automated testing initiatives for Android devices. Audience     Test engineers Format of the course     Interactive discussion + heavy hands-on practice Introduction     Native-mobile, hybrid mobile and web app test automation     Selendroid vs Appium Overview of the Selendroid architecture components     Selendroid Client, Selendroid Server, AndroidDriver App, Selendroid-Standalone Setting up a Selendroid testing environment Choosing between hardware and emulator testing Running Selendroid-Standalone to manage test devices Running Selendroid Server for app automation testing Writing your first test Executing your first test Interacting with elements Using the XML viewer Using Selendroid Inspector to simplify test case development Integrating with Selenium Grid for parallel testing Testing gestures using the Advanced User Interactions API A note about multi-touch support Writing tests with other WebDriver-compatible languages (JavaScript, Python, etc.) Closing remarks
androidhybapp Android Hybrid Applications 35小时 One of the android platform available user interface control, is the web view. The web view functions as a small web browser and is capable of parsing and displaying data similarly to any web browser. Its implementation is based on the WebKit open source browser. The same engine Chrome and Safari are based on. The methods we can call on a web view object allows us having a smooth integration between the data displayed within the web view and the native part of our application. This integration allows us to enjoy both worlds. This course focuses on these new types of applications, also known as hybrid applications. XHTML CSS DOM HTML5 JavaScript Ajax jQuery jQuery Mobile WebView


课程日期价格【远程 / 传统课堂】
Mobile Development - An Overview for Decision Makers - 钰海环球金融中心星期五, 2017-09-01 09:30¥9730 / ¥11330
Android Hybrid Applications - 上海 - 六八八广场星期一, 2017-09-11 09:30¥48180 / ¥51380
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