The British Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF) is an internationally recognised enterprise architecture framework developed by the MOD to support Defence planning and change management activities. It does this by enabling the capture and presentation of information in a rigorous, coherent and comprehensive way that aids the understanding of complex issues.

NobleProg onsite live MODAF training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice an overview of the use of MODAF to support acquisition, and then an in-depth description of the MODAF views and how they are used in the development of an architecture.

MODAF training is available in various formats, including onsite live training and live instructor-led training using an interactive, remote desktop setup. Local MODAF training can be carried out live on customer premises or in NobleProg local training centers.


代码 名字 时长 概览
modafome MODAF Overview and Modelling the Enterprise 21小时 This course is delivered in 2 modules: First module enables students to gain an overview of the use of MODAF to support acquisition. Secong module provides an in-depth description of the MODAF views and how they are used in the development of an architecture. It describes how the 6-step process is applied and how information gathered from stakeholders is interpreted within the MODAF model and represented in user-focussed views.
OMGUAF1 OMG Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) 35小时 This course gives a solid understanding across all aspects of OMG United Architecture Framework. It does not focus on a specific view or function, but allows the delegates to easily find more information in the documentation and easily understand it. During the course the delegates will do simple exercises, answer questions, etc... Sparx Enterprise Architect is usually used during the course, but any other tools can be used instead.






在这个过程中,代表们将做简单的练习,回答问题等等。 它通过以严格,一致和全面的方式捕捉和呈现信息来帮助理解复杂的问题。 受众:企业架构师,系统架构师,系统工程师,软件架构师和其他将创建和使用模型的利益相关者方法:演示,讨论和基于案例研究的实践任务。 本课程深入了解OMG United Architecture Framework的各个方面。 受众:企业架构师,MODAF视图的主要客户,他们需要正确解释提供给他们的标准MODAF视图,以及指定和控制创建新视图所需的任务需要关于创建和交换MODAF视图的指导的建筑模型师(包括例如:架构原则,视图一致性规则和工具选择标准)正在实施架构数据存储库的工具开发人员和工程师,用于存储和操作MODAF架构数据元素培训师和教育工作者需要参考资料以便适当地培训和支持先前MODAF用户的类型MODAF用户希望为MODAF经理的发展作出贡献,他们需要了解哪些观点需要回答他们的特定问题这是一个为期三天的培训,内容包括建模,NAF,UPDM和MagicDraw的使用原则,这是一个典型的防御架构方法。