Pattern Recognition培训

Pattern Recognition培训

Pattern recognition is a branch of machine learning that focuses on the recognition of patterns and regularities in data.

Pattern Recognition大纲

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datamodeling Pattern Recognition 35小时 This course provides an introduction into the field of pattern recognition and machine learning. It touches on practical applications in statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bioinformatics. The course is interactive and includes plenty of hands-on exercises, instructor feedback, and testing of knowledge and skills acquired. Audience     Data analysts     PhD students, researchers and practitioners  
patternmatching Pattern Matching 14小时 Pattern Matching is a technique used to locate specified patterns within an image. It can be used to determine the existence of specified characteristics within a captured image, for example the expected label on a defective product in a factory line or the specified dimensions of a component. It is different from "Pattern Recognition" (which recognizes general patterns based on larger collections of related samples) in that it specifically dictates what we are looking for, then tells us whether the expected pattern exists or not. Audience     Engineers and developers seeking to develop machine vision applications     Manufacturing engineers, technicians and managers Format of the course     This course introduces the approaches, technologies and algorithms used in the field of pattern matching as it applies to Machine Vision.
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它与“模式识别”(识别基于大量相关样本的一般模式)不同,因为它具体指明了我们正在寻找的内容,然后告诉我们预期模式是否存在。 本课程介绍模式识别和机器学习领域。 模式匹配是一种用于在图像中查找指定模式的技术。 受众寻求开发机器视觉应用程序的工程师和开发人员制造工程师,技术人员和管理人员课程形式本课程介绍模式匹配领域中使用的方法,技术和算法,适用于机器视觉。 它可以用来确定捕获的图像中是否存在指定的特征,例如工厂生产线上缺陷产品的预期标签或组件的指定尺寸。