Progressive applications培训

Progressive applications培训

Progressive applications are not the same as hybrid or cross-platform mobile applications. They were a way of creating web pages that look and behave like native applications.

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ProgApp Progressive applications 14小时 Audience web developers app developers Format of the course     Part lecture, part discussion, heavy hands-on practice Convergence of web and mobile Reasons for developing progressive applications speed and performance (compared to websites) security offline capabilities push notifications improved bounce rates app-like feel and functionality bypassing of App Stores Enabling your website (requirements) secure HTTPS connection JSON Manifest Service Worker Building your first app Using Service Workers to enable your app to work offline Caching data Serving push notifications Updating content Data manipulation Event listeners and commands Customizing responses to network requests depending on whether online/offline status Data persistence and messaging Accessing Cache API, Fetch API, IndexedDB API, postMessage(), etc. Increasing user engagement through Notification API Using cached assets in your application Configuring Web App Manifest Adding the app to the Home Screen Application shell architecture UI considerations
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