SequoiaDB Training

SequoiaDB巨杉数据库是一款支持SQL、高并发、实时性、分布式、可扩展、灵活存储的操作型NewSQL数据库(Operational NewSQL Database)。


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seqdb SequoiaDB for Developers 14小时 SequoiaDB is a document-oriented NewSQL database that supports JSON transaction processing and SQL query. SequoiaDB can directly interface with applications to provide high performance and horizontally scalable data storage and processing functions, or serve as the frontend to Hadoop and Spark for both real-time query and data analysis. Audience This course assumes prior knowledge of SQL and is targeted at engineers seeking to deploy and integrate SequoiaDB instances. After completing this course, delegates will: understand SequoiaDB’s structure and deployment mechanisms be able to carry out installation / production environment / architecture tasks and configuration be able to assess code quality, perform debugging, monitoring be able to implement advanced production like integration, migration and development
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