设计模式培训,Design Patterns培训



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designpat Design Patterns 14小时 There are plenty of tried and tested patterns widely available to everyone. Sometimes it is a matter of changing the names and implementing the pattern in a specific technology. It can saves hundreds of hours, which otherwise would be spent on design and testing. Training Goals This course has two goals: first, it allows you to reuse widely-known patterns, second, it allows you to create and reuse patterns specific to your organization. It helps you to estimate how patterns can reduce costs, systematize the design process and generate a code framework based on your patterns. Audience Software designers, business analysts, project managers, programmers and developers as well as operational managers and software division managers. Course Style The course focuses on use cases and their relationship with a specific pattern. Most of the examples are explained in UML and in simple Java examples (the language can change if the course is booked as a closed course). It guides you through the sources of the patterns as well as showing you how to catalogue and describe patterns which can be reused across your organization.
dpcs Design Patterns in C# 14小时 Target group: Technical Team Leader, Software Developer Learning objective: The purpose of training is to acquire the ability to design advanced development / project structures in C #. During the course, students become familiar with the MSDN resources and tools to support the development process, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, ReSharper.
jsadv JavaScript - Advanced Programming 14小时 The training is designed for JavaScript developers, designing and implementing advanced Internet applications. Topics discussed during the training aimed at bringing best practices in JavaScript programming and highlight the most common mistakes. An important point of the training is to discuss the available object-oriented programming with JavaScript syntax.
phppatref PHP Patterns and Refactoring 21小时 The course is designed for experienced programmers who want to explore issues related to the use of patterns and refactoring. Each participant know the properties and practical examples of the use of these patterns, which in turn will enable the efficient build correct the application code.
dsgpatphp Design Patterns in PHP 14小时 The course will cover the design patterns with particular emphasis on patterns used in PHP.
jsjqmvc Javascript / jQuery - MVC frameworks / MVVM and multilayer applications on the client side 7小时 The training is designed for JavaScript developers, designing and implementing advanced Internet applications. Topics discussed during the training aims to provide the advantages of separation-related software layers, not only on the server side but also on the side of your browser.
dsgpat Design Patterns - efficient code reusability 21小时 The course will cover the design patterns.
oobdp Object Oriented Design using Design Patterns 14小时 Objective: Helping Technical Analysts and Designers to understand how to go through software implementation of the requirements, ensuring traceability between business specifications and the software code. This 2 day training course aims at assisting technical analysts and designers in designing specifications described by the business analysts. After transformation into software component representations, the resulting system components trace system requirements toward software component structures. Finally, these technical specifications are implemented in software code and tested upon component basis. The resulting software components provide good level of reactivity to changes as they allow to trace separately toward the implementation level the system behaviours layer by layer (from the user interfaces toward business objects layer through the application components where the usage choices of the actors are stored.
ecadpap Embedded C Application Design Principles for Automotive Professionals 14小时 A two day course covering all design principles with code examples coupled with recent industurial technology; very useful for automotive software developers
technicalarc Technical Architecture and Patterns 21小时 With the emergence of very complex distributed systems, complexity of a single system moved to the complexity of the architecture of the group of systems. This course covers the relationship of Software Architecture with Technical Enterprise Architecture. These two areas are interrelated in a way which currently is not well described. For example, splitting complex monolithic system into two systems communicating via web services will trigger substantial changes to both the new systems, and the architecture between them. This course will cover trade-offs, currently common patterns and solutions for managing complex systems and communication within and between them.
ecadpapgeneral Embedded C Application Design Principles 14小时 A two day course covering all design principles with code examples coupled with recent industrial technology.
ScalaCheck Property Based Testing with ScalaCheck 21小时 ScalaCheck is a library for carrying out automated, property-based testing for Scala or Java programs. Inspired by the Haskell library QuickCheck, it uses properties to describe the expected behavior of an application, generating random input data at first, then testing this data across different areas of the application and reporting the result. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn the benefits of and concepts behind property-based testing as they practice writing properties that lead to the automatic generation of test cases. By the end of this training, participants will be able to: Write general properties that replace and/or compliment hand-written unit test cases Write tests at the higher level of property specifications Execute ScalaCheck as a standalone executabl, using the built-in command line test runner Integrate ScalaCheck with test frameworks such as ScalaTest, specs2 and LambdaTest Audience Test engineers Developers Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


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每个参与者都知道使用这些模式的属性和实际例子,这反过来将使高效的构建更正应用程序代码。 在本课程中,学员将熟悉MSDN资源和工具,以支持开发过程,例如Microsoft Visual Studio,ReSharper。 一个为期两天的课程,涵盖所有的设计原则,代码示例以及最近的工业技术。 本课程将涵盖权衡利弊,目前常见的模式和解决方案,用于管理复杂系统内部和之间的通信。 在培训期间讨论的主题旨在提供JavaScript编程的最佳实践,并强调最常见的错误。