Soft Skills培训

Soft Skills培训

Soft Skills Training, Skills Soft (Soft Skills).


Soft Skills大纲

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sccomm Scientific Communication 14小时 During this workshop participants will be familiarised with basics of scientific communication including ways of preparing presentations, short articles and posters promoting scientific results. The theoretical course is interwoven with simple practical exercises, quizzes and tests to make sure that participants understand the concepts. During the training you will be taught how to present your results in a comprehensible and interesting way. By the end of the course you will be able to deliver a memorable speech and create a presentation that will be remembered. The course has been designed for people who want to learn how to present their work in an interesting, clear, understandable and memorable way. It has been designed especially for: Researchers presenting their scientific results at conferences and workshops Scientists applying for grants Managers who want to introduce their ideas and plans in a scientific environment Lecturers who want to learn how to run their courses in a professional way
Influence Influence in Action 14小时 Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, DellEMC and VMware have benefited from this programme, developing a better balance in their influencing style and demonstrating a resilient response to challenges in the work place. If you want to : • Create high-performing work teams • Consistently win contracts from pitching • Successfully negotiate the best deals • Build shareholder value, year on year... then you need our influencing programme
line Leadership in the new economy 21小时 At the end of the course, the participants should be able to: Acquire an understanding of  self-mastery as a foundation for inspiring leaders Strengthen and sustain their execution capabilities and contribute to the creation of a high performance culture Lead cultural transformation and change processes in their respective areas of influence using emotional intelligence and change management tools
Negskills0017 Negotiation Skills 14小时 This two day course is designed for people who want to achieve better outcomes from their negotiations with customers, suppliers and colleagues. It teaches the skills and tactics used by effective negotiators and builds the confidence needed to succeed. Delegates learn the different negotiating styles and how to maximise their personal power while protecting important relationships. The course is highly participative with a combination of lecture, discussion, coaching and exercises.
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