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softeng Software Engineering 35小时 Software Engineering starts where programming stops. In this course you will learn a solid foundation in Software Engineering. It builds a bridge from programming to solid engineering practices. The course gives you an overview of basic concepts and vocabulary typically used in the field. During the course, you will learn to use many techniques to plan, implement and validate software projects and to evaluate and improve development processes. Audience: This course is intended for software developers with various backgrounds who know at least one programming language.
20150713 软件架构概述 21小时 为架构师人员进行软件架构设计的高级理论培训 加强架构师队伍的素质和技能水平。 
softengret Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering and Testing 63小时
eraamauml Efficient Requirement Management using Agile Methods and Agile UML Modeling 21小时 Objective: This training course aims at helping product managers, products owners, business analysts, system architects and developers understand how to efficiently Manage Requirements on the basis of the product vision till guiding developers accurately in implementing them. More in detail, this course aims at assisting product managers in better defining the value propositions of their products on the basis of strategies and stakeholder needs. Business Analysts and product owners understand how to describe requirements of the product backlog then discover appropriate epics and user stories of the system while contributing to the required value creation. Along interactive case study exercises, participants learn how to describe in detail such requirements in order to validate correct understanding of needs and prepare system acceptance tests. Thus, only using a very common and productive UML profile, they learn to structure requirements in order to communicate efficiently with architects and developers through an iterative requirement gathering process. Audience: Product Managers Product Owners Business Analysts Anyone interetsted in the Requirements Management Process
sysengsysmluml2 System Engineering using SysML and UML 2 21小时 Objective: Helping Analysts and Designers of the System Engineering domain to understand how to efficiently gather requirements then go through the embedded software design implementation on the basis of system specifications using UML 2 and SysML. This 3 days training aims at assisting system analysts to express efficiently their needs and designers to make the appropriate architectural design of the system on the basis of these needs. The resulting system architecture provides a good level of agility to the embedded system software in face of changes as it allows a coherent traceability of the business rules encapsulated in system functions and those of the usage choices (use cases) of the end-users toward the software implementation level.
ecadpap Embedded C Application Design Principles for Automotive Professionals 14小时 A two day course covering all design principles with code examples coupled with recent industurial technology; very useful for automotive software developers
OMRON_PLC Introduction to OMRON PLC programming 21小时 This course introduces the student to the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). After the discussion of the fundamental concept of PLCs the basic Ladder Diagram instructions are learned and practiced in Industrial Automation tasks. Audience - Electrical Specialists - Mechanical Engineers - Programmers with interest in Industrial Automation
ISAM1 ISTQB CTFL 21小时 ISTQB CFTL 70% theory + 30% practice
jenkins Jenkins:针对敏捷开发的持续集成 14小时 Jenkins是一个用Java编写的开源持续集成工具。这是一个基于服务器的系统,在Apache Tomcat等servlet容器中运行。Jenkins支持许多软件配置管理(SCM)工具,包括CVS、Subversion、Git、Perforce、Clearcase等等。它是高度可编写的,并提供对Apache Ant、Apache Maven、shell脚本和Windows批处理命令的支持。 本课程涵盖了在敏捷环境中持续集成您的软件项目所需的概念、工具和技术。参与者在整个课程中进行一系列实践练习,将其所学知识应用于实际情况。鼓励讲师和参与者进行互动。在课堂上讨论真实案例,并解决具体的问题。 受众 构建工程师 参与敏捷开发的软件开发人员 QA工程师 项目经理 发布经理 课程形式 部分讲座、部分讨论、大量实操
dockerswarm 带有Swarm的Docker 21小时 Docker是一个开源平台,可以自动化容器内软件应用程序的构建、运输和运行。多容器Docker应用程序可以使用Compose进一步定义。 Swarm是一个控制Docker主机集群并将其作为单个“虚拟”主机公开的工具。通过汇集众多Docker引擎,Swarm允许IT运营团队透明地将其软件部署扩展到许多主机。 在这一由讲师引导的现场培训中,参与者从软件集装化概念的概述开始,然后开展实践练习,将所学概念付诸实践。 在本次课程结束之后,参与者将能够: 使用Compose和Swarm在多台机器上部署Docker主机。 在实时实验室环境中管理Swarm群集。 保护Swarm集群中的Docker主机并对其进行故障排除 受众 软件开发人员 系统管理员 IT经理和运营团队 课程形式 部分讲座、部分讨论、练习和大量实操
ecadpapgeneral Embedded C Application Design Principles 14小时 A two day course covering all design principles with code examples coupled with recent industrial technology.


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在讨论了PLC的基本概念之后,基本的梯形图指令在工业自动化任务中学习和实践。 在此过程中,您将学习使用许多技术来规划,实施和验证软件项目,并评估和改进开发流程。 本课程涵盖了在敏捷环境中持续集成软件项目所需的概念,工具和技术。 保护和排除Swarm集群中的Docker主机受众软件开发人员系统管理员IT经理和操作团队课程形式部分讲座,部分讨论,练习和大量实践练习一个为期两天的课程,涵盖了所有的设计原则,代码实例以及最近的工业技术。 参与者在整个课程中进行一系列动手练习,以将其知识应用于实际情况。