Docker and Kubernetes

skill level of the trainer, good preparation of the training

Markus Korn - Continental Automtove IT

Introduction to Selenium

Trainer explained in a manner where all of us, attendees, easily understand the subject she's teaching.

Charisse Maybelle Monilla - Demand Science Team Inc.


We could practices on real situation and Helen gave to me a lot of practical tips.

Elisa Venturini - FrieslandCampina

Excel Advanced

The training was really useful. I liked the most the parts related to the pivot tables, filtering, lookup options and data consolidation. I appreciated trainer's excellent knowledge on the subject. His attitude was very good as well. He built open and 'not so formal' atmosphere which helped participants to ask the questions or speak about their daily excel issues. He was fully understandable during the whole training and his way of explaining the topics was direct and adequate.

Katarzyna Chalinska - UBS Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

Data Visualization

I thought that the information was interesting.

Allison May - Virginia Department of Education

Agile Project Management with Scrum

The balance between advantages and drawbacks was good, and it didn't present the methodology like the solution to everything. It was presented for what it is.

Antoine Oulevay - Nagra Media UK Ltd

Docker and Kubernetes: Building and Scaling a Containerized Application

Good agenda.


Data and Analytics - from the ground up

real life practical examples

Wioleta (Vicky) Celinska-Drozd - Digital Jersey

Strategic Planning in Practice

Alistair's knowledge and presentation style

yvette pranger - Asics Europe

Linux LPI LPIC-1 Exam 101 Preparation

Scripting, tips


OCEB Fundamental Exam Preparation



Jimmy Garnier - JH Garnier & Associates Ltd

Agile Project Management with Scrum

The content was useful but not applicable for my role. Even though I had filled in pre course evaluation form, feedback should have been provided to GP to advise myself or my manager of this.

Bespoke Javascript

Covered Basics and also gave a few on more advanced topics

Thomas Glombik - OCLC GmbH

WebServices with SOAP and WSDL Basics

The style of training and content delivery was excellent.

Mark Campbell - EDF Energy

Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration

Lots of information.

Matthew Wise

Secure coding in PHP

The subject of the course was very interesting and gave us many ideas.

Anastasios Manios - Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM)

Spark for Developers

I think the trainer had an excellent style of combining humor and real life stories to make the subjects at hand very approachable. I would highly recommend this professor in the future.

Secure coding in PHP

The trainer have very good communication skills and can easily get & hold audience's attention. He can explain the matter in a very easy and detailed way so that each person can understand it.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM)

BPMN 2 Fundamentals and Workshop

Exercises, The training room, Tea kitchen

Alisher Khaydarov - Siemens Wind Power

Excel Advanced

Excellent trainer. Very adept at modifying the course to fit our timeline.


Business Process Management

The trainers subject matter expertise.

Simon White - Micromass UK Ltd

Predictive Modelling with R

He was very informative and helpful.

Pratheep Ravy - UPC Schweiz GmbH


1- 实际操作性很强
2- 培训课程基于open source technologies进行。
3- 非常好的培训网站,你可以在这里找到非常好的培训资料、引导问答,小测试和真正的考试。

Muntaser Mohamed - Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd.

Introduction to Selenium

any question was answered

Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop

good atmosphere during the training

clovis Nebouet - HSBC Service Delivery; ITEKNA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Unit Testing with JUnit

The high number of execices

Advanced SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers for Microsoft SQL Server

Attention to detail, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject

Bristol City Council

Java and Web Application Security

Very good knowledge and character.

Constantinos Michael - Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM)

BPMN 2.0 for Business Analysts

I like the way Birol customized some parts of the training to cater to my role as Business Analyst. This way, he was able to focus on the topics that are important and not dwell on topics that I generally will not use in my work. He teaches very clear and ensures that you understand a topic before going to the next. You can say that he is a seasoned professor and very knowledgeable on his subject, and knows how to analyze training needs of the student to effectively cover topics which are essential and relevant. This makes his sessions very effective as it is flexible and right on target. His materials are very comprehensive and he makes a point to follow the curriculum but making it more relevant to the student. I appreciate that he knows industry standards and is able to give his insights as to what works. I've never learned as much as I did on a 2-day course and it is worth all the time and effort. The training did expedited my learning of BPMN 2.0 and gave me the basics and confidence to start practicing the technique in my work. Thank you Birol and NobleProg for a wonderful learning experience I will surely recommend the course and trainer to future colleagues.

Irma Irosido

Preparation for Professional Scrum Master

The simulation part. This simulation excercise could help us learn the theory in a more concrete way.

Andrew Yan - CPC

Introduction to Drools 6 for Developers

Interactive trainer, helpful and had lots of suggestions for participants.

Liam Donovan - Sun Life Financial

A Practical Guide to Successful Pricing Strategies

Interesting and clear ideas and suggestions

Vincent van Walt - Van Walt Ltd

Access Basics

If anybody had a problem, the trainer always helped


Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

Detail explanations, well prepared document.

Allen Jeong - OLAmobile

Introduction to Deep Learning

Exercises after each topic were really helpful, despite there were too complicated at the end. In general, the presented material was very interesting and involving! Exercises with image recognition were great.

- Dolby Poland Sp. z o.o.

Node.js for JavaScript Developers

Joey was great and really adapted the training to our needs and the skill level of the audience.

Alain Lormil - SSENSE

Building Web Apps using the MEAN stack

The labs were interesting and probably the most useful learning tool to me. Anything I missed or forgot about was relearned or reinforced in the labs.

Joseph Fuerst - The Aerospace Corporation

Agile Project Management with Scrum

Bernard (the trainer) was very knowledgeable.

Joanne Edwards - Nemo Personal Finance Ltd

Linux System Administration

Trainer was technically well experienced and didn't hesitate to discuss the technical stuff outside the syllabus. We all felt very comfortable in clarifying our queries.


Sajin Asokan - Wipro Technologies

Selenium WebDriver Overview

The detail and examples shown

Timothy Walton - ADNEOM


OMG-BPM专业认证证书 (OCEB 2)

"The OCEB™ program - OMG-BPM专业认证证书 -包含五项考试、五个认证证书。在每项基础水平之上,此项目又分为两方面的不同导向,一方面以业务导向为主,一方面以技术导向为主。"


NobleProg培训师团队中包含OMG-BPM专业认证证书的开发者,也就是说我们的课程大纲和培训资料是同由为OCEB 2考试设计考题的讲师准备的。







From: http://www.omg.org/uml-certification/