Whole Own Foreign Enterprise


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busicn Starting Business in China 21小时 This course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who want start a business in People's Republic of China. It focuses on professional services industry (consulting, hi-tech, etc...), though people working in other industries can also benefit from the course. Th motivation to create this course was that there are a lot of courses focusing on culture or pure legal aspect of doing business in China, there was no course which would comprehensively cover all aspects of the business. This course does not provide any legal advise. It is provided by people who started their own business in China, not lawyers.
wofe2 Managing Accountancy in WOFE (Whole Own Foreign Enterprise) in China 7小时 Creation of this courses has been motivated by the steep learning curve of learning how the accounting system works in China. It is targeted at foreigners who work for, manage or have founded a Whole Own Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) in China. It allows participants to choose, cooperate and control an accounting company. The course has been developed by a foreign entrepreneur supported by a Chinese accountant.


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它允许参与者选择,合作和控制一个会计公司。 它专注于专业服务行业(咨询,高科技等),虽然在其他行业工作的人也可以从中受益。 针对在中国工作,管理或创办外商独资企业(外商独资企业)的外国人。 这个课程是由一位中国会计师支持的外国企业家开发的。 学习这个课程的过程是由学习如何在中国开展会计系统的学习曲线所驱动的。