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20217 Semantic Web Overview 7小时 The Semantic Web is a collaborative movement led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that promotes common formats for data on the World Wide Web. The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. Semantic Web Overview Introduction Purpose Standards Ontology Projects Resource Description Framework (RDF) Introduction Motivation and Goals RDF Concepts RDF Vocabulary URI and Namespace (Normative) Datatypes (Normative) Abstract Syntax (Normative) Fragment Identifiers


课程 地址 日期 价格【远程/传统课堂】
Introduction to Drools 6 北京东直门银座 星期三, 2016-08-24 09:30 ¥17000 / ¥19400
Drupal Theming 北京东直门银座 星期四, 2016-12-29 18:00 ¥9385 / ¥10385


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