培 训 协 议

甲方 (the Client): 


By both parties through negotiation, for mutual benefit, reached the following training agreement : 

一、培训内容 Training content                               


(具体培训大纲请见附件 For details refer to Annex)

二、培训时间Training time


三、培训地点 Training location


四、 培训人数 Number of delegates


五、 甲方义务 Obligations of the Client

  1. 组织受训人员准时接受培训,并按乙方授课老师的要求完成培训学习;
    to ensure that the employees of the Client shall join the training on time and attend the whole event delivered by a NobleProg trainer
  2.  提供适宜的培训场所、培训设施;
    to provide appropriate training venue and facilities.
  3. 其他应尽的协助实施培训工作;
    to provide assistance in organizing the training
  4. 内训课上所有培训资料未经乙方书面授权甲方及所有参加培训人员不得拍摄及录音,也不可对外使用其知识产权;
    without written permission from NobleProg the training event cannot be filmed or recorded
  5. 培训中所用到培训资料和知识产权也不用于甲方公司内部员工培训时使用。
    without written permission from NobleProg the training materials and intellectual property rights cannot be used for external use or internal staff training.
  6. 支付乙方经双方商定的培训授课费用。
    the Client agrees to pay NobleProg for delivery of the training

六、乙方义务 NobleProg obligations:

  1. 负责培训的师资,保证课程质量;
    to deliver high quality training and suitable instructors

  2. 负责提供课程培训所需的教材;
    to provide training course materials

  3. 严格保守培训中所知的甲方的商业秘密。​
    to keep the Customer information revealed during the training confidential 

七、培训费用及付款方式 Training costs and payment

  1. 课程培训费用共计为:                     ;含税价:
    The total cost of the training:            ;  with VAT:
  2. 如果有额外人员临时参加培训,则培训费用将按 ¥   ,含税价¥    每人来收取。​
    Cost for each additional participant (if more than  specified in "number of delegates" section):        ; with VAT           
  3. 合同签订后,乙方会向甲方开具增值税发票。
    After signing the contract, NobleProg will issue an invoice to the Client
  4. 甲方须在培训前支付培训费用。
    The Client shall pay the cost of training prior to training.
  5. 付款信息
    Payment information: 

      付款账号(account number):
      账户名称(name of the account holder):
      银行地址(bank address):

八、关于后续合作 On the follow-up cooperation

  1. 培训结束后,双方建立长期合作关系,双方有维护对方知名度的责任,在取得对方的书面同意后,一方可以在对外宣传报道中提及对方的名称。
    After the training event both Parties will establish a long term cooperative relationship. Both parties may mention each other’s name for publicity purposes
  2. 甲乙双方将恪守职业道德,保护双方的商业秘密。特别地,未经甲、乙双方许可,双方不得将对方提供的任何资料提供给受训学员之外的任何第三方。
    Both parties will abide by professional ethics to protect trade secrets.
  3. 在甲乙两方培训结束后一年之内,乙方讲师不得私自与甲方进行合作以维护乙方的权益。
    After one year after the completion of the training, the Client shall not directly or indirectly engage or hire the trainer.

九、违约责任 Breach of contract

  1. 如果甲方在培训开始前30天或30天之内天取消培训,乙方有权向甲方收取全额培训费,最终解释权归乙方所有;如果客户在培训开始前30天之外取消培训乙方将不会向客户收取任何费用。
    If the Client cancels the course within 30 days of the scheduled event then NobleProg is entitled to charge the full training fee. If cancelled 31 days or more prior to the training event then there will be no financial penalty
  2. 甲方应当按时向乙方支付培训费用,如果在培训结束后两个月仍未支付的,应当向乙方支付滞纳金滞纳金的计算标准为每延期一日,支付培训费用的0.5%,同时乙方将保留法律诉讼的权利。
    If the Client hasn't paid after two months of completion of the course, NobleProg has the right to charge interest rate of 0.5% every day, as well as keep the right to sue the Client.​

十、 保密条款 Privacy Policy

  1.  本协议中的协议条款均属商业秘密,未经对方同意,任何一方不能以任何理由或目的向第三方透露。如违反此条款给对方造成损失,违约方应承担赔偿责任。此条款为长期有效。
    No information of a confidential nature shall be disclosed by either party without consent. Any violation of this provision will cause the defaulting party to bear the liability.

十二、 生效及其他 Other provisions

  1. 因不可抗力因素,需要取消或者推迟培训项目则经双方协商同意后执行
    Neither Party to this Agreement shall be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of that Party. 
  2. 本协议一式贰份,甲乙双方各执壹份;本协议自甲乙双方盖章签字后生效
    This Agreement comes into force after both parties have signed and dated two copies with each party to hold one copy. 

十三、 合同附件 Annex 

  1.  附件:培训课程大纲
    Annex: Training Course Outline

This contract is subject to adequate protection of copyright law. Any unauthorized use or copying is not allowed.

甲方:                                                    乙方:北京诺波咨询有限公司
Party A:                                                  Party B: NobleProg 

盖章:                                                    盖章:
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legal representative signature:                   legal representative signature:
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