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Apache Solr培训

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solrfts Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server 14小时 The course is intended for IT specialist that want to implement a solution that allows for elastic and efficient searching of big data sources. This course uses the newest stable version of Solr, if you wish to use older or unstable version, please contact sales before booking.
drupalsolr Drupal and Solr 14小时
solrdev Solr for Developers 21小时 This course introduces students to the Solr platform. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and labs students will gain hands on experience configuring effective search and indexing. The class begins with basic Solr installation and configuration then teaches the attendees the search features of Solr. Students will gain experience with faceting, indexing and search relevance among other features central to the Solr platform. The course wraps up with a number of advanced topics including spell checking, suggestions, Multicore and SolrCloud. Duration: 3 days Audience: Developers, business users, administrators
solrcloud SolrCloud 14小时 Apache SolrCloud is a distributed data processing engine that facilitates the searching and indexing of files on a distributed network. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn how to set up a SolrCloud instance on Amazon AWS. By the end of this training, participants will be able to: Understand SolCloud's features and how they compare to those of conventional master-slave clusters Configure a SolCloud centralized cluster Automate processes such as communicating with shards, adding documents to the shards, etc. Use Zookeeper in conjunction with SolrCloud to further automate processes Use the interface to manage error reporting Load balance a SolrCloud installation Configure SolrCloud for continuous processing and fail-over Audience Solr Developers Project Managers System Administrators Search Analysts Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


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Apache SolrCloud是一个分布式数据处理引擎,有助于在分布式网络上搜索和索引文件。 通过讲座,讨论和实验的结合,学生将获得配置有效搜索和索引的经验。 在培训结束后,与会者将能够:了解SolCloud的功能,以及如何与传统主从群集进行比较配置SolCloud集中式群集自动化进程,如与碎片进行通信,向碎片添加文档等。 持续时间:3天受众:开发人员,业务用户,管理员该课程面向希望实施一个解决方案的IT专家,该解决方案可以实现对大数据源的弹性和高效搜索。 Zookeeper与SolrCloud结合使用以进一步自动化进程使用界面管理错误报告负载均衡SolrCloud安装配置SolrCloud以进行连续处理和故障切换读者Solr开发人员项目经理系统管理员搜索分析师课程格式部分讲座,部分讨论,练习并且动手练习本课程向学生介绍Solr平台。