Apigee Edge培训

Apigee Edge培训

Apigee Edge是用于创建网络级API的工具

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apigeee Building Microservices with Apigee Edge 28小时 Apigee Edge, which is built on Java, enables you to provide secure access to your services with a well-defined API that is consistent across all of your services, regardless of service implementation. A consistent API: Makes it easy for app developers to consume your services. Enables you to change the backend service implementation without affecting the public API. Enables you to take advantage of the analytics, monetization, developer portal, and other features built into Edge. Audience This course is directed at engineers, architects and developers seeking to utilize Apigee Edge in their projects. Get started Creating an account Tutorials Concepts Using the Apigee Edge development environment Using the sample API proxies Build API proxies New API proxy editor highlights Overview Best practices Implement API proxies Download API proxies Deploy API proxies Build proxies with Node.js Debug and troubleshoot Environment configuration Secure User administration Org administration OAuth TLS/SSL API keys SAML Last-mile security Content-based security Data masking Using the secure store with Node.js apps Monitor with Apigee Test Apigee Test overview Config Sets Test Cases Probes Using Apigee Test with Edge API proxies What Apigee Test alerts look like Analyze Analytics overview Dashboard home page Using the Analytics dashboards Analytics dashboards Create custom reports Import/export custom reports Daily analytics emails Use the analytics API Analyze API message content using custom analytics Troubleshooting with analytics Publish Publishing Overview Create API products, developers, and apps Build your portal Add an API console Configure Monetization Monetize Overview Get started Set up monetization Manage monetization Microgateway FAQ Version 2.0.x Samples & cookbook Samples reference API proxy cookbook Using the sample API proxies Mock Target API Integrations Amazon AWS Pivotal Cloud Foundry References Management API (SmartDocs) Policies Analytics commands Analytics dimensions & metrics API proxy configuration Conditions Endpoint properties JavaScript object model JavaScript callouts Variables Glossary


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