The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF 1.1) in the context of the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF v4)培训




21 小时 通常来说是3天,包括中间休息。


Prerequisites : Knowledge in Modeling with UML or SysML is beneficial but not necessarily required as each model based view of the architecture will be explained using examples of the case study.

Participant Profiles : Enterprise Architects, System Architects, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Software Designers


目标 :本课程旨在帮助与会者了解如何将UAF和NAF企业架构框架付诸实践。

在NATO NAF v4架构框架的背景下理解UAF 1.1的概念是非常有益的,因为UAF的域元模型(DMM)描述了与系统相关的各种利益相关者关注点,例如通过一组系统的安全性,信息或测量。预定义的视点,然后映射到NAFv4中的相应视图。




  • 互动讲座和讨论。
  • 大量的练习和练习。
  • 在实时实验室环境中亲自实施。


  • 要申请本课程的定制培训,请联系我们安排。

Machine Translated



UAF and NAF goals

Framework Documentation Structure

What is inside the UAF and NAF ?

How UAF and NAF work

NATO Network Enabled Capability

What is an Enterprise Architecture?

How to Describe the Architecture?

Why Architecture Matters?

EA and Decisions

UAF and Types of NATO Architectures

UAF and NAF Architecture Views

  • The UAF Strategic View and the NAF Concepts View

  • The UAF Operational View and the NAF Logical Specification View

  • The UAF Services View and the NAF Service-Specification View

  • The UAF Personnel, Resources and Security View and the NAF Physical Resource Specification View

  • The UAF Meta-Data View and the NAF Meta-Data View

  • Other UAF views :

  • Projects, Standards, Actual Resources, Dictionary, Requirements, Summary and Overview, Information and Parameters

METHODOLOGY for using Architecture Views

  • Stakeholder Concerns, Viewpoints and Perspectives, 

  • Architecture Dimensions and Kinds of Architectures 

  • Architecting Styles

  • Main Architecture Processes and Architecture Governance

  • Architecture Management,Architecture Description,Architecture Evaluation

  • Architecture Enablers and Architecture Life Cycle

  • Architectures and Architecting Activities in the Enterprise

  • Architecture Framework and Architecture Repositories

  • Architecture Motivation Data

  • Manage Architecture Motivation Data and Architecture Policy

  • NAFv4 Architecture Management Plan and the Migration Plan

  • ARCHITECTING ACTIVITY :Architecting Stages, Architecting dynamics, Multi-tier architecting 

  • ARCHITECTING FOR THE ENTERPRISE SCOPE : Introduction, Overview of the Enterprise Architecting Stages, Enterprise Architecting Activities

  • ARCHITECTING IN A PROJECT : Overview of Project architecting activities, Project Architecting Activities

  • FOUNDATION FOR ARCHITECTING : Architecting Principles (Foundation for Best Practices)

  • Correspondances between NAF viewpoints and the ArchiMate metamodel layers / elements

  • Work in progress on UAF v1.1 and future development plans for the standard

NAF and ArchiMate are respectively trademarks of the NATO and The Open Group

UAF, UML and SoaML are trademarks of the Object Management Group (OMG).

Summary and Conclusion









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