Haskell programming language courses


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haskelladv Advanced Haskell 14小时 This course is for those users of Haskell who have a good grasp of the basics and want a deeper understanding of the language and be able to tackle serious, larger-scope problems in Haskell. Participants should expect to get a working understanding of the most important features of modern Haskell; be able to read and write advanced Haskell programs and libraries. Basic Typeclassopedia Functor Applicative Foldable, Traversable Monads Other (Arrow, etc.) Advanced types Algebraic data types in depth Advanced Type classes Type families GADTs Debugging and code optimizing Strictness in data types and functions Memory and CPU profiling Efficient data structures (bytestring, text, vector and co.) Note on "unsafes" Understanding the Runtime System Memory layout in GHC Unpacking strict fields Understanding and reading Core Concurrency in Haskell Haskell threads MVars and co. STM Parallelism Foreign Function Interface FFI basics Safe vs. unsafe Globals in Haskell Template Haskell Splicing and quotation The Q monad Reification
haskellfun Haskell Fundamentals 14小时 This course covers the basics of Haskell programming language. The course introduces the ideas of Functional Programming and teaches the essential concepts of it, and by this introduces the student to the Haskell programming language. The course explores the fundamental differences with imperative programming and teaches the skill of thinking functionally. Students should expect to learn all the necessary tools and concepts to start writing and understanding simple Haskell programs. Introduction to Haskell Platform and tools Hello World program A bit of history Haskell syntax Functions Case distinction and pattern matching Layout (indentation) Control structures (if, case, let, where) Type system Basic types Simple function types Polymorphism Higher order functions Custom types Numbers in Haskell Type classes Building programs IO handling Module system Packages and libraries Compiling applications Examples and case studies Eight queens puzzle in Haskell Dynamic programming and memoization in Haskell Simplified parsing of CSV files An HTTP client



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