Rocket.Chat is an open source chat application that supports chat and collaboration.


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RocketChat Running your own chat server with Rocket.Chat 7小时 Rocket.Chat is a popular open-source group chat application and server. Although the user interface is simple and clean, the system is powerful and complex. There are many configurable settings for different use-cases. Deploying the server, configuring it properly, managing and extending it can be challenging. In this course, we get you up and running fast, providing you the practical experience to deploy, manage and extend your own Rocket.Chat server. Audience System administrators Format of the course     Part lecture, part discussion, heavy hands-on practice Introduction to Rocket.Chat Why Rocket.Chat? Installing Rocket.Chat Setting up the database, webserver, and Rocket.Chat service Mobile and desktop apps Administration and configuration Permissions Settings Integrations Security Development Working with Rocket.Chat's APIs Internals - how the code is organized Troubleshooting Rocket.Chat from the end-user's perspective


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