Cloud Architect培训




35 小时 通常来说是5天,包括中间休息。


第1天 - 提供与技术和业务相关的基础云计算主题的端到端覆盖。该模块分为一系列部分,每个部分都附有实践练习。

第2天 - 探讨与云计算平台相关的技术相关主题。它没有涉及实现或编程细节,而是在概念层面保持覆盖,侧重于解决云服务架构,云安全威胁和技术,虚拟化和数据处理的主题。

第3天 - 提供对基础云计算平台的技术洞察。基础架构即服务(IaaS),平台即服务(PaaS)和软件即服务(SaaS)环境被视为复合模式,由独特的共享构建块组成。该模块的结构是通过这些架构层的导览,描述主要组件,突出显示共享组件,并解释如何通过云计算机制和实践组装和实现构建块

第4天 - 在第3天构建,深入探讨弹性,弹性和多租户技术架构,以及专门的解决方案架构,如云爆发和云平衡。通过对架构机制,行业技术和设计模式的研究,描述了核心和扩展组件,它们结合起来实现弹性,弹性和多租户作为云平台的主要特征。通过利用这些本机和增强的可扩展性以及与故障切换相关的功能集,专门的解决方案体系结构被描述为支持云与内部部署和云环境之间的突发,以及跨云的运行时负载的平衡,以实现性能和故障转移目的。

第5天 - 向参与者展示一系列练习和问题,旨在测试他们应用他们之前所涵盖主题知识的能力。

Machine Translated


Day 1 - Fundamental Cloud Computing

  • Fundamental Cloud Computing Terminology and Concepts
  • Basics of Virtualization
  • Specific Characteristics that Define a Cloud
  • Understanding Elasticity, Resiliency, On-Demand and Measured Usage
  • Benefits, Challenges and Risks of Contemporary Cloud Computing Platforms and Cloud Services
  • Cloud Resource Administrator and Cloud Service Owner Roles
  • Cloud Service and Cloud Service Consumer Roles
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Delivery Models
  • Combining Cloud Delivery Models
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud Deployment Models
  • Business Cost Metrics and Formulas for Comparing and Calculating Cloud and On-Premise Solution Costs
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Cloud-based IT Resources
  • Formulas for Calculating and Rating SLA Quality of Service Characteristics

Cloud Technology Concepts

  • Cloud Computing Mechanisms that Establish Architectural Building Blocks
  • Virtual Servers, Ready-Made Environments, Failover Systems, and Pay-for-Use Monitors
  • Cloud Balancing and Cloud Bursting Architectures
  • Common Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities of Cloud-based Services and Cloud-hosted Solutions
  • Cloud Security Mechanisms Used to Counter Threats and Attacks
  • Understanding Cloud-Based Security Groups and Hardened Virtual Server Images
  • Cloud Service Implementation Mediums (including Web Services and REST Services)
  • Cloud Storage Benefits and Challenges
  • Cloud Storage Services, Technologies and Approaches
  • Non-Relational (NoSQL) Storage Compared to Relational Storage
  • Cloud Service Testing Considerations and Testing Types

Day 3 - Fundamental Cloud Architecture

  • Technology Architectural Layers of Cloud Environments
  • Public and Private Cloud Technology Architecture
  • laaS, PaaS and SaaS Technology Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Mechanisms as part of Platform and Solution Technology Architectures
  • Bare-Metal and Elastic Disk Provisioning
  • Multipath Resource Access, Broad Access and Intelligent Automation Engines
  • Usage and Pay-as-You-Go Monitoring
  • Platform Provisioning and Rapid Provisioning
  • Resource Management and Realtime Resource Availability
  • Shared Resources, Resource Pools and Resource Reservation
  • Self-Service and Usage and Administration Portals
  • Workload Distribution and Service State Management
  • Other technology architecture topics pertaining to cloud platforms, cloud-based solutions and services may also be explored.

Advanced Cloud Architecture

  • Elastic Environment
  • Resilient Environment
  • Multitenant Environment
  • Direct I/O Access and Direct LUN Access
  • Dynamic Data Normalization
  • Zero Downtime and Storage Maintenance Window
  • Load Balanced Virtual Servers
  • Burst In, Burst Out and Cloud Bursting
  • Cloud Balancing
  • Redundant Storage and Storage Workload Management
  • Elastic Disk Provisioning, Elastic Resource Capacity and Elastic Network Capacity
  • Intra-Storage and Cross-Storage Device Vertical Tiering
  • Redundant Physical Connections for Virtual Servers and Persistent Virtual Network Configurations
  • Load Balanced Virtual Switches and Service Load Balancing
  • Hypervisor Cluster
  • Dynamic Failure and Recovery
  • Synchronized Operating State
  • Resource Reservation
  • Other technology architecture topics pertaining to cloud platforms, cloud-based solutions and services may also be explored.

Day 5 - Cloud Architecture Lab

  • As a hands-on lab, this module provides a set of detailed exercises, that require participants to solve a number of inter-related problems, with the ultimate goal of evaluating, designing and correcting technology architectures to fulfill specific sets of solution and business automation requirements.









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