OCEB2 OMG Certified Expert in BPM - Business Intermediate Exam Preparation培训




21 小时 通常来说是3天,包括中间休息。


Valid OCEB Fundamentals certification is required (OCEB2 Fundamental).


本课程为您准备BPM 2( OCEB v2) Business中级考试中的OMG认证专家

Machine Translated


OMG-BPM专业认证证书 (OCEB 2)

"The OCEB™ program - OMG-BPM专业认证证书 -包含五项考试、五个认证证书。在每项基础水平之上,此项目又分为两方面的不同导向,一方面以业务导向为主,一方面以技术导向为主。"


NobleProg培训师团队中包含OMG-BPM专业认证证书的开发者,也就是说我们的课程大纲和培训资料是同由为OCEB 2考试设计考题的讲师准备的。



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Intermediate Business Motivational Modeling

  • Modeling business, moving up from Fundamental level: Ends, Means, Influencers, Assessments
  • Organization Unit (in the BMM sense)
  • Business Process, Business Rule
  • constructing BMM models and interpreting (brief) scenarios

Business Process Modeling with BPMN

  • Advanced BP modeling with BPMN:
    • Advanced event types
    • Links & GoTos
    • Compensation
    • Complex Activity Inputs and Outputs
    • Exception Handling
    • Iteration/Repetition/Looping
    • Grouping activities into SubProcesses
    • Data object (including Lifecycle and Accessibility)
    • Data store, data input, and data output
    • Global Task and Global Process
    • Conversations
    • Choreography
    • Execution Semantics

Decision Management and Modeling with DMN

  • DMN Basic Concepts, and Scope and Uses
  • Decision Requirements
  • Relating Decision Logic to Decision Requirements
  • Decision Tables
  • Relation of DMN to BPMN

Business Rules Approach and Shared Business-Wide Vocabulary

  • Noun Concepts and Business Rules (BR) vocabulary
  • BR Basics
  • Two types of BR
  • BR and Business Processes
  • Creating and using Process-Specific Business Rules
  • Advantages of a shared business-wide vocabulary (SBVR Awareness)

Business Process Management Knowledge and Skills

  • BP Project Management
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Ownership of Processes
  • Measurement and Optimization
    • CSFs and KPIs
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Scorecarding
    • Process Simulation and Optimization
    • BPM ROI
    • Model Value Analysis (When to model, and when not to)
    • BPMS Tool fundamentals
    • BPM Center of Excellence basics
    • Organizational Change Management

Process Quality and Governance Frameworks

  • Questions at the Intermediate exam go one level deeper into the scope, goals, and structure of these major frameworks:
    • SOX, COBIT, and ITIL
  • Frameworks for Process Improvement:
    • OMG's Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM)
    • 6 Sigma, LEAN









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