Business Continuity Management培训




35 小时 通常来说是5天,包括中间休息。


Candidates should ideally have 1-2 years experience in business continuity management. An awareness of ISO 22301:2012 the business continuity Standard would be beneficial. The course will primarily benefit those already involved in the areas of business continuity management including business mangers responsible for operational functions.



代表们将受益于我们的业务连续性管理培训师和ISO 22301:2012专家的实践和广泛经验。


  • 解释所有组织中业务连续性管理(BCM)的必要性
  • 定义业务连续性生命周期
  • 开展业务连续性计划管理
  • 充分了解其组织,以确定关键任务影响领域
  • 确定其组织的业务连续性战略
  • 建立业务连续性响应
  • 锻炼,维护和审查计划
  • 在组织中嵌入业务连续性
  • 定义适合业务连续性的术语和定义


Machine Translated


1. Introduction to Business Continuity Management

This section of the module provides a basic introduction to the discipline of business continuity management, describes how it should fit in with the overall strategy of a business, provides a brief overview of risk management.

1.1 The need for Business Continuity Management
1.2 The context of Business Continuity Management in the business
1.3 Leadership and senior management commitment to Business Continuity
1.4 Review of Risk Management Fundamentals
1.5 The Business Continuity Institute’s Lifecycle

2. BC Policy and Programme Management

This section of the module describes both the initial stages and the requirements for the ongoing management of the business continuity management programme.

2.1 Initial activities
2.2 Implementing the BC Programme
2.3 Supply Chain Continuity
2.4 Documentation

3. Understanding the Organisation (Analysis) – 10 hours

This section of the module describes how the business continuity manager sets about understanding the organisation and initiates the overall business continuity management programme.

3.1 Identification of Business–Critical Areas
3.2 Terminology
3.3 Business Impact Analysis
3.4 Continuity Requirements Analysis
3.5 Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
3.6 Horizon Scanning
3.7 Risk Assessment
3.8 Evaluation of Options
3.9 Business Cases and Programme Sign-Off

4. Determining the Business Continuity strategy (Design)

This section of the module describes how the organisation develops an overall business continuity strategy.

4.1 Strategic Options
4.2 People
4.3 Premises
4.4 Processes and Procedures
4.5 Technology
4.6 Information
4.7 Supply Chain
4.8 Stakeholders
4.9 Civil Emergencies

5. Business Continuity Response (Implementation) – 6 hours

This section of the module describes how the organisation develops and implements the Business Continuity response.

5.1 Overall Incident Response Structure
5.2 Types of Plan
5.3 Incident Management Plans
5.4 Business Continuity Plans
5.5 Disaster Recovery Plans
5.6 Business Resumption Plans

6. Exercising, maintenance and review (Validation) – 4 hours

This section of the module describes the overall Business Continuity exercising, maintenance and review programme.

6.1 Exercising and Testing of Plans
6.2 Maintenance of Plans
6.3 Review of Plans

7. Embedding Business Continuity Awareness in the Organisation – 3 hours

This section of the module describes how Business Continuity awareness should be embedded into the organisation

7.1 Overall Awareness
7.2 Skills Training

8. Annexes

This section of the module describes the overall Business Continuity Management programme

8.1 Glossary of Terms and Definitions
8.2 References









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