neo4j is the most popular graph database


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neo4j Beyond the relational database: neo4j 21小时 Relational, table-based databases such as Oracle and MySQL have long been the standard for organizing and storing data. However, the growing size and fluidity of data have made it difficult for these traditional systems to efficiently execute highly complex queries on the data. Imagine replacing rows-and-columns-based data storage with object-based data storage, whereby entities (e.g., a person) could be stored as data nodes, then easily queried on the basis of their vast, multi-linear relationship with other nodes. And imagine querying these connections and their associated objects and properties using a compact syntax, up to 20 times lighter than SQL. This is what graph databases, such as neo4j offer. In this hands-on course, we will set up a live project and put into practice the skills to model, manage and access your data. We contrast and compare graph databases with SQL-based databases as well as other NoSQL databases and clarify when and where it makes sense to implement each within your infrastructure. Audience Database administrators (DBAs) Data analysts Developers System Administrators DevOps engineers Business Analysts CTOs CIOs Format of the course Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice. Most of the concepts are learned through samples, exercises and hands-on development.   Getting started with neo4j neo4j vs relational databases neo4j vs other NoSQL databases Using neo4j to solve real world problems Installing neo4j Data modeling with neo4j Mapping white-board diagrams and mind maps to neo4j Working with nodes Creating, changing and deleting nodes Defining node properties Node relationships Creating and deleting relationships Bi-directional relationships Querying your data with Cypher Querying your data based on relationships MATCH, RETURN, WHERE, REMOVE, MERGE, etc. Setting indexes and constraints Working with the REST API REST operations on nodes REST operations on relationships REST operations on indexes and constraints Accessing the core API for application development Working with NET, Java, Javascript, and Python APIs Closing remarks  


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