Apache Kafka培训

Apache Kafka培训

Apache Kafka培训

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Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka


Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

Informative and had correct level of detail I believe.

Asif Akhtar - Verisign

Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

Easy to follow.

Zach Henke - Verisign

Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

The exercises, and especially when they didn't work (obviously my fault but fault finding is part of the job).

Peter Hendriks - Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

-> I found the programming example interesting

Rostislaw Krassow - PAYBACK GmbH

Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

The knowledge of the Trainer

Christian Langer - PAYBACK GmbH

Apache Kafka大纲

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kafka1 Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka 14小时 This course is for enterprise architects, developers, system administrators and anyone who wants to understand and use a high-throughput distributed messaging system. If you have more specific requirements (e.g. only system administration side), this course can be tailed to your needs.Overview of Distributed Messaging Systems Use Cases Alternatives to Kafka Kafka API Producer API High Level Consumer API Simple Consumer API Kafka Hadoop Consumer API Configuration New Producer Broker Consumer and Producer Configuration Design Motivation Persistence Efficiency The Producer The Consumer Message Delivery Semantics Replication Implementation API Design Network Layer Messages Message format Log Distribution Basic Kafka Operations Adding and removing topics Modifying topics Graceful shutdown Balancing leadership Checking consumer position Mirroring data between clusters Expanding your cluster Decommissioning brokers Increasing replication factor Other Datacenters Important Server Configs Important Client Configs Production Server Configs Monitoring ZooKeeper    



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