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jBPM for Process Designers

我非常喜欢新的培训课题,非常不一样,谢谢培训师 Bernard和 Filip。

Alex Alexandrou- Temenos UK Ltd

jBPM for Process Designers

He answered all questions and explained the topics understandable for everybody


jBPM for Process Designers


Ayman Ramadaan- Temenos UK Ltd

jBPM for Developers


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wfsadm WildFly Server Administration 14小时 This course is created for Administrators, Developers or anyone who is interested in managing WildFly Application Server (AKA JBoss Application Server). This course usually runs on the newest version of the Application Server, but it can be tailored (as a private course) to older versions starting from version 5.1.
droolsrlsadm Drools Rules Administration 21小时 This course has been prepared for people who are involved in administering corporate knowledge assets (rules, process) like system administrators, system integrators, application server administrators, etc... We are using the newest stable community version of Drools to run this course, but older versions are also possible if agreed before booking.
jbpm7casemgmt JBPM: Case Management with JBPM v7 14小时 Whereas BPM is used to model repeatable processes based on clearly defined workflows, Case Management is a technique to represent non-repeatable processes. Unlike BPM, which focuses on process and process optimization, Case Management focuses on data: the capturing, presentation, and modification of data inputs and outputs to assist managers in making better decisions on the fly. JBPM v7 brings together these two disciplines into a single software suite. In this instructor-led training, participants will learn how to create and manage Cases in JBPM v7 by engaging in live, practical, hands-on exercises and discussions. By the end of this training, participants will have a firm understanding of when to use Case Management to optimize processes, and will be equipped with the necessary practice to setup, configure, and manage a Case Management system based on JBPM within their own organization. Audience Developers Process designers Process analyst Persons in charge of or interested in process optimization within their organization Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
globalsight Globalsight: Automate the localization process 7小时 Globalight is an open-source, Java based application server for automating, streamlining, and managing the localization process. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn about Globalsight's architecture and functionality as they install, configure and deploy a demonstration server . By the end of this training, participants will be able to: Undertand the benefits of Globalsight relative to other Translation Management Systems Install Globalsight server and related components Set up Globalsight to work behind a reverse proxy Build and deploy Globalsight to a production environment Troubleshoot and optimize Globalsight Use Globalsight's APIs to integrate it with third party applications, including JBPM, etc. Audience System administrators Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
jbpmdev jBPM for Developers 35小时 This courses is for a process developers and software developers who want to know how to manage, manipulate and develope processes with jBPM. It covers components of jBPM and elements of BPMN 2 implemented in JBPM including managing signals and events, programming gateways, injecting processes data and running parallel activities. NobleProg tries to run this course on the newest version of the Open Source version of jBPM, but older version or beta version may be requested.
jbpmpd jBPM过程设计师 28小时 这个课程的受众是业务分析员,过程设计师和主题专家。他们的目标是用jBPM设计,验证和模拟过程。 这个课程也学习怎么写过程的测试(TDD)。 课程通常采用JBPM项目的最新版。jBPM的以前的版本也可以使用(在预订前需审批)


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