Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

Real-world developer experience

Ian Cranston - Compuware Software Group Pty. Ltd.

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

Overall, I saw the effort and the knowledge of the trainer of the of the subject to impart knowledge.

Optum, Inc

Test Automation with Selenium and Jenkins

Luke was very knowledgable, patient, and very open to satisfy my curiosity, for example I asked him to generate errors to see how system will response, and etc. He would go above and beyond to answer questions or demonstrate the functionalities, even some of my questions were out of the class scope. He gave me a real experience with the system. I definitely will take another class with him and recommend him as a teacher for others. Thank you Luke!

Tina Henderson

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

The topic itself

Optum, Inc

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

fast-paced with direct-to-the-point skills that expected to acquire


Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

All of it. Having had no previous exposure to Jenkins, I was a little concerned about my ability to keep up. Iyad provided appropriate coaching/support, when I asked for help, so that I was able to follow the presentation at a level I was happy with.

Graham Congdon - New Zealand Customs


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SeleniumJenkins Test Automation with Selenium and Jenkins 21小时 This course provides training for handling testing projects using Selenium test suite and continuous testing with Jenkins. Intended Audience: Software test engineers Software developers involved in agile development Release managers QA engineers At the end of Selenium training the delegates will be able to: Use Selenium test suite effectively in real projects Use Selenium for cross browser testing Distribute the tests using Selenium Grid Run regression Selenium tests in Jenkins Prepare test reports and periodict reports using Jenkins
jenkins Jenkins:针对敏捷开发的持续集成 14小时 Jenkins是一个用Java编写的开源持续集成工具。这是一个基于服务器的系统,在Apache Tomcat等servlet容器中运行。Jenkins支持许多软件配置管理(SCM)工具,包括CVS、Subversion、Git、Perforce、Clearcase等等。它是高度可编写的,并提供对Apache Ant、Apache Maven、shell脚本和Windows批处理命令的支持。 本课程涵盖了在敏捷环境中持续集成您的软件项目所需的概念、工具和技术。参与者在整个课程中进行一系列实践练习,将其所学知识应用于实际情况。鼓励讲师和参与者进行互动。在课堂上讨论真实案例,并解决具体的问题。 受众 构建工程师 参与敏捷开发的软件开发人员 QA工程师 项目经理 发布经理 课程形式 部分讲座、部分讨论、大量实操
jenkinsmaven 用Jenkins和Maven进行持续集成 21小时 Jenkins是一个用Java编写的开源持续集成(CI)工具。Maven是一个用于Java项目的构建自动化工具。它们可以一起用于触发连续的构建,例如:每当提交新代码时执行JUnit测试,将这些构建部署到生产环境,以及在一天中的战略时间(例如午夜)安排这些任务。这些工具和流程构成了软件开发和部署的DevOps方法,并且在敏捷开发中很受欢迎。 在这一由讲师引导的现场培训中,参与者将首先介绍DevOps、版本控制和自动化脚本,然后继续实践,学习如何在实验室环境中安装、配置、部署Jenkins和Maven 。 受众 开发人员 系统管理员 DevOps工程师 课程形式 部分讲座、部分讨论、练习和大量实操
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