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PostgreSQL Administration and Development

Very in depth knowledge on the subject matter. No "I'll have to look into that and get back to you, just knew it all"

David Marshall - TIO Networks CORP


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pgsqladm PostgreSQL Administration and Development 28小时 This course handles the administration and performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases. Attendees will learn the use of specialised PostgreSQL (AKA Postgres) modules such as replication, connection pooling and full text searching. What is PostgreSQL? A Brief History of PostgreSQL Conventions Further Information Bug Reporting Guidelines Introduction to PostgreSQL Installation and Creating Database The SQL Language Advanced Features The SQL Language SQL Syntax Data Definition Data Manipulation Queries Data Types Functions and Operators Type Conversion Indexes Full Text Search Concurrency Control Performance Tips Server Administration Installation from Source Code Installation from Source Code on Windows Server Setup and Operation Server Configuration Client Authentication Database Roles Managing Databases Localization Routine Database Maintenance Tasks Backup and Restore High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication Recovery Configuration Monitoring Database Activity Monitoring Disk Usage Reliability and the Write-Ahead Log Regression Tests Client Interfaces libpq - C Library Large Objects ECPG - Embedded SQL in C The Information Schema Server Programming Extending SQL Triggers The Rule System Procedural Languages PL/pgSQL - SQL Procedural Language PL/Tcl - Tcl Procedural Language PL/Perl - Perl Procedural Language PL/Python - Python Procedural Language Server Programming Interface Internals Overview of PostgreSQL Internals System Catalogs Frontend/Backend Protocol PostgreSQL Coding Conventions Native Language Support Writing A Procedural Language Handler Writing A Foreign Data Wrapper Genetic Query Optimizer Index Access Method Interface Definition GiST Indexes GIN Indexes Database Physical Storage BKI Backend Interface How the Planner Uses Statistics



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