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vbaexceladv Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Advanced 21小时 The course reveals the secrets of effective writing advanced applications in VBA application MsExcel. After the course you can: Write an advanced object-oriented application Convert text files Use of external data sources Use external libraries
excelvbag Excel and VBA Guru 21小时 The course topics cover maximum automation. The student will learn how to use VBA effectively, how to use cell names to be copied, which are useful properties of objects only available in Excel VBA code and how to create your own control library. Finally, participants will learn how to create a complete application and how to secure it.
msproj1 Project Management with Microsoft Project 14小时 The course participants will learn how to skillfully use the Microsoft Project to create a schedule of tasks, manage resources and monitor the implementation of the various stages of the project.
ExcelAdv Excel Advanced 21小时 The course participants will be able to efficiently use primarily data analysis tools such as scenarios and pivot tables, use the features to perform calculations on dates and text-processing functions, and create and adapt to the needs of macros to automate work with spreadsheets.
3306 Excel and VBA Programming for Audit and Finance Professionals 28小时 Please answer the following questions: Is your daily work in Excel is a never-ending string of commands copy-paste? Are you wasting time on repetition of similar operations to prepare the data for analysis? Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts in Excel, but you are not satisfied with the results? Rather than deal with data analysis and preparation of wasting time? Do you have to manually verify the correctness of such data obtained from different systems? Do you have to stay at work after hours or Excel to take books home because not doing during the day? Is Your job is to prepare reports based on a large data set? Do you feel that working in Excel, you come to a roundabout way of results? If you can answer YES to one of the questions then it's time stop this nightmare. This training is for you. Find out how you can speed up your daily operations and get most out of MS Excel. WARNING After the training, your life will change dramatically. Activities, which occupied the whole day will take just a few moments. Are you ready for this?
exceldataanal Excel Data Analysis 14小时
pptfinance Creating Slide Decks for the Financial World 7小时 This course will give you the knowledge about how to present finance information (numbers) in PowerPoint and not just the presentations skills itself. You will be able to present finance information in more professional way.
advpp Advanced Slide Design in PowerPoint 7小时 This course is aimed at anyone wanting to work more efficiently in PowerPoint when creating slides and to learn the basics of presenting them.
excelfin Financial analysis in Excel 14小时 During the training, will present the issues of financial analysis using the advanced features of Excel. This course is intended for financial analysts, accountants and all those who want to expand their skills spreadsheet with issues of financial analysis.


课程日期价格【远程 / 传统课堂】
Financial analysis in Excel - 上海 - 六八八广场星期二, 2018-02-27 09:30¥20651 / ¥21851
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课程参与者将学习如何巧妙地使用Microsoft Project创建任务计划,管理资源并监控项目各个阶段的实施。 本课程旨在通过相关理论支持的实践练习来提高学员的PowerPoint技能。 目标:提高准备有吸引力的PowerPoint演示文稿的能力,并自我表达自己的发言人:销售代表,顾问,研究和教学人员,管理人员,教师,企业员工,中小企业和公共机构,面临的挑战是面对一群人对他们说,引起了兴趣参与者将能够以创建,整合和管理数据的最佳方式表现出色。 目标:提高使用Powerpoint和其他工具编写有吸引力的演示文稿的能力收件人:面临挑战的销售代表,顾问,研究和教学人员,管理人员,教师,企业员工,中小企业和公共机构一群人对他们说,引起了兴趣课程参与者将学习如何在Microsoft Word文字处理器中创建审美专业外观的文档。 课程参与者将能够以透明的方式高效地执行各种计算,以组织和呈现其结果,使用多种机制来促进和加速在Excel中创建电子表格。