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本地,讲师指导的现场营销培训课程通过互动讨论和案例研究展示营销的基础知识。营销培训可以“现场实时培训”或“远程实时培训”。现场培训可以在当地的客户场所进行中国或者在NobleProg的企业培训中心中国 。远程实时培训通过交互式远程桌面进行。 NobleProg - 您当地的培训机构




b2bbrandmanB2B Brand Management7小时很多课程都涉及品牌管理,但只有少数课程专注于企业对企业品牌。本课程重点关注B2B品牌,这与B2C品牌管理有很大不同。
yourbbUnderstanding Your Brand and Your Business21小时听众本课程面向所有需要更广泛地了解其业务部分的员工;他们在其中的具体角色;并参与改善其对整个组织的贡献课程的格式以下组合: 便利的讨论幻灯片演示文稿演习在研讨会结束时,与会者将能够: 解释“品牌”是什么以及他们如何影响它了解变更策略的过程以及公司在其中的位置详细说明任何业务变更的相关原则了解客户/利益相关者关系在成功运营任何业务中的重要性定义一个企业的财务方面以及该企业代表的一部分确定谈判的重要方面,以确保其业务部门取得最佳成果
3246Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+7小时本课程的目标是让参与者掌握主要社交媒体平台的基础知识以及它们在各行业的应用。
myccmrMarketing for your company: Understand customer, do marketing right28小时了解市场营销。触摸你的顾客的感受。准备你自己的计划。 使您的营销和业务符合客户的期望并超越它们。
PRICES101B2B Power Pricing! 12 Principles of Pricing Strategy To Boost B2B Profits - 1 Day Course7小时This is the one day version of the award winning course that helps you stop leaving money on the table, convert more sales, get bigger judgements, and gets your customer to perceive more value in your product offering while making them feel more comfortable spending money. It's like a 7th generation smart phone for your pricing designed by someone who was responsible for training in the marketing and sales department of the world's biggest biotech company which had both B2C and B2B operations.

A shortened version of this training program, developed by Philippe -- who was responsible for training in the marketing and sales department of the world's biggest biotech company -- won its presenter, "Top Trainer" at the 2016 B2B Master conference in Kiev.

Course Description:
When asked to choose a pricing order which would maximize revenue in a sales situation, 95% of managers, directors, even CEOs of huge internet companies choose the option which would cost them almost 45% of sales. Learn how to create pricing environments and product matrixes which have been shown again and again to make customers and clients feel more comfortable spending money, using ideas developed and researched by some of the world's biggest companies and Nobel prize winners. Achieve 15%, 23%, 43%, and greater increases in sales and revenue with simple, low cost strategies which are applicable in virtually every aspect of B2B sales. Every entrepreneur, director, graphic designer, sales manager, consultant, advertising specialist, and human being responsible for their own brand should see this seminar at least once in their lives. Indeed, it is essential knowledge for those in the R&D department and tasked with developing new products because an understanding of how customers see a product matrix and spend money within it are key and can lead to significantly different levels of revenue and profit for the company.

A lot has changed in the world in the last 60 years. You’re not communicating with technology from the 1960s, like snail mail – or clunky typewriters. In the time it has taken for us to develop our communication tools of today, Nobel Prize winning economists and other researchers have forged ahead in the understanding of human behaviour.

You will be exposed to case studies and study after study in field after field of pricing, value estimation and purchase decision making to discover common threads in human behaviour and how to create both more perceived value in your product line offering as well as increase sales for year-end reports. You will learn to guide decisions of your customers with phenomenon so powerful they work in every field from pricing to human mate selection to world renowned “magic” acts (who are quick to admit there is no magic, but only psychology). You will never look at your prices the same way again.

What You Will Learn To Boost Your Business:
By taking this course, you will:
- Better understand the pricing strategies of the world's biggest companies
- Get a leap ahead of the competition in the sales arms race
- Learn how to create a pricing environment which makes your customers feel more comfortable spending money
- Learn and, importantly, UNDERSTAND, the proper order of pricing presentation in many negotiation and sales situations and why the wrong order can cost you 45% of your sales
- Learn how to create a product and pricing matrix which can increase product sales by up to 34%
- Learn how to ask a question which will double or triple the price paid for a bottle of wine at auction
- Learn how to add one inexpensive counter-intuitive option to product options which can increase sales by up to 40%
- Learn how one company raised prices by 10% and increased revenue by 95% and why this worked
- Learn how to implement several interesting pricing strategies of successful businesses as revealed by some of the world's greatest business strategy researchers
- Learn how to implement pricing strategies to reposition your brand on a market wide basis
- Learn how to better design your store layout and/or brochures for more sales
- Learn how to create a pricing environment which will guide your customers to options which are more profitable for you
- Improve your skills in advertisement layout and merchandise display based on key psychological principles
- Learn how to create product packages which will increase sales without increasing prices
- Learn how to use some items to create a demand for other items
- Learn how to increase the perception of value and quality using price

What People Have To Say:
"While we worked together at the world's biggest biotech company, and Philippe did training in our marketing and sales department, he came up with more good ideas in one week than our whole company came up with in a year. Every business, executive, manager, and entrepreneur should hear his pricing and business seminars once."
Michael Ketcham, Former Sales Manager - Monsanto
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

"I have been successfully managing sales for decades and I can say this is a mind taking and action provoking session -- with sparks! I highly recommend it."
Anton Yatchenko
Sony (Co-Owner 12 Moscow Stores)

"Worth every Euro. Fascinating."
Till Lesinski - Project Manager
BMW - Munich, Germany

"Extremely useful and enjoyable for everyone."
Natalia Semenkova - Manager of Marketing
(a top 3 grocery retail chain in Russia)

"Philippe is an enthusiastic, clever guy with a lot of good ideas. He helped us redesign our menus and develop new and interesting products to increase our sales and profits."
Alexandra Kutepova - Art Director,
Gastronimica Restaurant Holding
(Sky Lounge and Florentini Restaurants, Moscow)

This day long course includes several exercises which allow participants to get a better feel for the principles in use, with feedback from the course instructor.
PRICES102B2B Power Pricing! 12 Principles of Pricing Strategy To Boost B2B Profits - 1.5 Day Course with Half Day Sales and Marketing Evaluation14小时这是获奖课程的两天版本帮助您停止在桌面上留下钱,转换更多销售额,获得更大的判断力,并让您的客户感知您的产品提供更多价值,同时让他们感觉更舒适,花钱。这就像是第7代智能手机,由您负责培训全球最大的生物科技公司的营销和销售部门的人员设计的第7代智能手机,该公司有B2C和B2B业务。 获奖情况: 该培训项目的缩写版由菲利普开发,负责在全球最大的生物技术公司的营销和销售部门进行培训,在2016年基辅B2B大会上赢得了主讲人“最佳培训师”。 课程简介: 当被要求选择一个可以使销售收入最大化的定价订单时,95%的管理人员,董事,甚至是大型互联网公司的首席执行官都会选择这种方式,这将使销售成本降低近45%。了解如何创建定价环境和产品矩阵,使用由世界上一些最大的公司和诺贝尔奖获得者开发和研究的想法,一次又一次地显示定价环境和产品矩阵,使客户和客户更放心地花钱。通过几乎适用于B2B销售的各个方面的简单,低成本战略,实现销售额和收入的15%,23%,43%和更高的增长。每个企业家,导演,平面设计师,销售经理,顾问,广告专家和负责自己品牌的人应至少参加一次这个研讨会。事实上,这对于研发部门的人员来说是必不可少的知识,并且负责开发新产品,因为了解客户如何看待产品矩阵并在其中花钱是关键,并可能导致公司的收入和利润水平显着不同。 过去60年来,世界发生了很多变化。您不会与20世纪60年代的技术进行沟通,如蜗牛邮件或笨重的打字机。在我们开发当今通讯工具的时候,诺贝尔奖得主经济学家和其他研究人员在理解人类行为方面已经取得了进展。 您将接触到案例研究和研究后,在现场定价,估价和购买决策等领域进行研究,以发现人类行为中的共同线索,以及如何在您的产品线产品中创造更多的感知价值,以及增加销售额年终报告。您将学会如何引导客户的决策,从现在到如此强大的现象,从定价到人类选择,再到世界着名的“魔术”行为(他们很快承认没有魔法,但只有心理学)。你永远不会再以同样的方式看待你的价格。 你会学到什么来促进你的业务: 通过这门课程,你将会: 更好地了解全球最大公司的定价策略在销售军备竞赛中抢先一步了解如何创建定价环境,让您的顾客感觉更舒适,花钱在许多谈判和销售情况下学习,重要的是理解,定价呈现的正确顺序,以及为什么错误的订单可能会让您花费45%的销售额了解如何创建产品和定价矩阵,这可以将产品销售额增加高达34% 了解如何提出一个问题,这个问题将使拍卖会上一瓶葡萄酒的价格翻番或者翻倍了解如何在产品选项中添加一种价格低廉的违反直觉的选项,这些选项可以将销售额增加高达40% 了解一家公司如何将价格提高10%,并将收入增加95%,以及为什么这种方式有效了解如何实施一些世界上最伟大的商业战略研究人员所揭示的成功企业的几种有趣定价策略了解如何实施定价策略,以便在全市范围内重新定位品牌了解如何更好地设计商店布局和/或宣传册以获得更多销售了解如何创建定价环境,以便引导客户选择对您更有利的选择根据关键的心理原则提高广告布局和商品展示的技巧了解如何创建不增加价格而增加销售额的产品包了解如何使用一些项目来创建其他项目的需求了解如何使用价格增加对价值和质量的看法走出定价的大部分GUESSWORK 什么人必须说: “当我们与全球最大的生物技术公司合作时,Philippe在我们的营销和销售部门接受了培训,他在一周内提出了比我们整个公司在一年内提出的更多好点子。每个企业,高管,经理,企业家应该听一次他的定价和商业研讨会。“ 孟山都前销售经理Michael Ketcham 圣路易斯,密苏里州,美国 “我已经成功地管理了几十年的销售,而且我可以说这是一个引人入胜的行动激发会议,我强烈推荐它。” 安东Yatchenko 索尼(CoOwner 12莫斯科店) “值得每一个欧元,迷人的。” 直到Lesinski项目经理 宝马慕尼黑,德国 “每个人都非常有用和愉快。” 纳塔利娅Semenkova营销经理 DIXY (俄罗斯三大杂货零售连锁店) “菲利普是一位热情,聪明的人,有很多好主意,他帮助我们重新设计菜单,开发新颖有趣的产品,以增加我们的销售额和利润。” Alexandra Kutepova艺术总监, Gastronimica餐馆举行 (天空酒廊和弗洛伦蒂尼餐厅,莫斯科 杂: 本课程为期两天,可让您花更多时间了解和应用这些原则,并能更好地涵盖一些原则。它还允许您的团队在半天时间内查看您的特定定价情况并在课程指导员的参与下制定解决方案。
digimarketingDigital Marketing14小时此培训最适合人们进入数字营销和策略。培训涵盖了在数字媒体上获得牵引力所必需的概念。它向与会代表介绍了关键的数字营销概念,从移动营销和社交媒体营销到电子邮件营销,PPC营销和搜索引擎优化。在培训结束时,我们通过合适的例子了解分析的重要性和良好的策略。
flockdbFlockdb: A Simple Graph Database for Social Media7小时FlockDB是一个开源的分布式容错图形数据库,用于管理宽而浅的网络图形。它最初由Twitter用于存储用户之间的关系。 在这个有指导意义的现场培训中,参与者将学习如何设置和使用FlockDB数据库来帮助回答社交媒体的问题,例如谁跟随谁,谁阻挡谁等等。 在培训结束后,参与者将能够: 安装并配置FlockDB 了解FlockDB的独特功能,相对于其他图形数据库如Neo4j 使用FlockDB维护大型图形数据集使用FlockDB和MySQL一起提供分布式存储功能查询,创建和更新极快的图形边缘横向扩展FlockDB以用于在线,低延迟,高吞吐量的Web环境 听众 开发商数据库工程师 课程的格式 部分讲座,部分讨论,练习和沉重的练习
digimarketingchinaDigital Marketing in China14小时此培训最适合数字营销和策略人员使用。培训涵盖了通过数字媒体在中国获得牵引力所必需的概念。它介绍了关键的数字营销概念,从移动营销和社交媒体营销到电子邮件营销,PPC营销和搜索引擎优化。在培训结束时,我们通过合适的例子了解分析的重要性和良好的策略。


课程日期价格【远程 / 传统课堂】
Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ - 北京 - 创而新大厦星期四, 2019-04-11 09:30¥11050 / ¥12250
Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ - 厦门 - 国际银行大厦星期四, 2019-04-11 09:30¥11050 / ¥12550
Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ - 上海 - 六八八广场星期四, 2019-04-18 09:30¥11050 / ¥11250
Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ - 苏州 - 晋合广场星期一, 2019-04-29 09:30¥11050 / ¥11850
Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ - 北京盈科中心星期三, 2019-05-01 09:30¥11050 / ¥12050
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课程地址日期价格【远程 / 传统课堂】
Fundamentals of Devops北京朝阳国贸三期星期一, 2019-04-01 09:30¥22041 / ¥28241
Building Microservice Architectures 深圳 - 新世界中心星期一, 2019-04-08 09:30¥18900 / ¥22280
使用Spring Cloud和Docker构建微服务上海 - 六八八广场星期一, 2019-04-15 09:30¥26450 / ¥26650
Docker and Kubernetes上海 - 上海中区广场星期六, 2019-04-27 09:30¥21630 / ¥26600
Building Microservices with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric (ASF)北京 - 创而新大厦星期二, 2019-05-14 09:30¥26200 / ¥29400




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